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Contract Integrity Center Investigating Misconduct

The DCMA Contract Integrity Center (CIC) attorneys, located across the United States, are dedicated to the prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of allegations of fraud and other misconduct.

CIC focuses on assisting contract management by using remedies and process improvement to reduce fraud through efficient and effective business practices.

In order to reach this goal, all DCMA employees receive training on fraud awareness, stressing indicators of fraud and the responsibility of employees to detect such matters, and their duty to report suspected fraud and cooperate with Fraud Counsel investigators and prosecutors.

The Fraud Counsel continually monitors all open cases and does not close a case until all completing available remedies (criminal, civil, contractual, and administrative). Closing requires the cooperation of investigators, prosecutors, contracting personnel, and appropriate agency officials responsible for the debarment and suspension of non-responsible contractors.

How it gets done:

Case Initiation

The Fraud Counsel reviews cases of fraud or other irregularity reported to it to determine whether they warrant further investigation. During this review in the case initiation stage, data is collected, key witnesses identified, and an assessment of the facts is taken.

Investigative Support

The Fraud Counsel provides legal advice and support in identifying resources, obtaining and interpreting documents, identifying witnesses, assistance in the preparation of subpoenas and search warrants, arranging for the testing of suspected defective products, identification of potential criminal or civil violations, and counsel on investigative approaches.

Prosecutive Support

Support is provided to assistant U.S. and Department of Justice attorneys through the discussion of case strategies, drafting of indictments and information, preparation of legal briefs, assistance in Grand Jury matters, interviews of witnesses, assistance in or conducting of depositions, preparing and responding to interrogatories, and in certain cases, appointment as special assistant U.S. attorneys providing direct prosecutorial effort.

Process Improvement

Investigation and case results are analyzed for trends, processes, or systemic concerns. These findings are coordinated with DCMA program and/or contractor personnel to prevent reoccurrence, and achieve process improvement.

As a DCMA employee, you are required to report any suspected fraud or irregularities, including those reported by Defense Contract Audit Agency audits to the cognizant DCMA CIC Fraud Counsel in your respective area. You should be alert to all situations that you feel it is possible the government has been (or is being) defrauded or victimized in some sort of wrongdoing.

Reporting fraudulent matters may be anonymous; both the CIC and investigative agencies attempt to protect the confidentiality of persons reporting. Regulation requires employees to make all reports to CIC; employees may also notify their supervisor, but it must not be assumed your chain of command will report the allegation; it is the individual employee’s responsibility to do so. Under no circumstances should an employee ever alert their contractor of suspicions, this could compromise and investigation.

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