Contract Business Analysis Repository (CBAR) 1.7.3

  CBAR 1.7.3 is an eTool that captures contract-related information about companies.  CBAR began development in 2010 by DCMA at the request of the Director of Defense Pricing, to provide DoD PCOs access to the unique information DCMA maintains for the contracts it administers.  

  • Indirect and Direct rates 
  • Status of Business Systems and withholds 
  • CAS Disclosure statements 
  • CAS non compliances 
  • FPRA/FPRR with historical actual costs 
  • IR&D and B&P information. 

CBAR version 1.7 provides an additional type of information, business clearance information. This, coupled with DCMA’s data, provides PCOs a picture of historical negotiations with the contractor as well as negotiation information for similar awards.

How To Use - DCMA Access Only

External User Roles and Rules | Access via EWAM

Internal User Roles and Rules | Access via IWAM