Delegation 1.0 helps DCMA users manage delegations for MOCAS prime contracts and subcontracts. It supersedes the QA/PA Delegation application.  It is also is used by persons at the U.S. Department of Defense who request that DCMA manage delegations against a contract number that is not in MOCAS.

A single delegation is created for each specific delegated function.

The delegated function types are: 

  • Product Assurance
  • Schedule and Delivery Management
  • Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Services (DCMA Created Only)
  • Other Contract Admin (DCMA Created Only)

When you create a delegation, you can request one, some or all of these delegated functions. When you submit the delegation, each delegated function becomes a separate delegation.

Delegation 1.0 then routes the individual delegations to the people at DCMA who are responsible for that type of delegation for that supplier or facility. The person who accepted the delegation must add a status update of Completion before the person who submitted the delegation can complete it. If the delegation has child delegations (either through sub-delegation or re-delegation), the child delegations must be completed before the parent delegation can be completed.

How To Use - DCMA Access Only


This video was created to assist you in using the Delegation 1.0 Reports and Cubes. You may also select to download the training video.

Delegation Introduction, Login, and Reports Training Video (Closed Captioned)

Roles and Rules