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The DCMA Commercial Item Group (CIG) is responsible for providing advice to the DoD acquisition workforce on commercial acquisition best practices.

The DCMA CIG assists customers by conducting market research, performing commerciality and price analyses, assisting Contracting Officers in making commercial item determinations (CID), and providing price reasonableness recommendations for commercial items included in prime and subcontract proposals. The DCMA CIG performs these functions through regional Centers of Expertise (CoEs), primarily organized in support of a broad geographic area. As a secondary mission, each CoE develops, sustains, and provides heightened expertise corresponding to the commercial industry market sector/base composition represented by that geographic area, with potential for complimentary parallel expertise.

Commercial Item Database

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Organization Locations

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Who We Are

Title Name Phone
AQKT Director Vernon Neumann (303) 220-4188
CIG Pricing South Lynne Fandetti (727) 258-9610
CIG Pricing West Vernon Neumann (303) 220-4188
CIG Pricing Northeast Ryan Connell (857) 268-4519
CIG Technical East Patrick Crisler (727) 258-9514
CIG Technical West James Carroll (303) 220-4187

CIG Case Acceptance Thresholds

We will accept formal requests for prime contractor commerciality and price reasonableness reviews (FAR12) when contract value is greater than $1M. We will accept formal requests for subcontractor commerciality and price reasonableness reviews (FAR15) as long as the subcontract value is greater than $3M. For cases under our thresholds, we can assist you in asking the right questions and provide insights into the DCMA CIG thought process.

Commercial@DCMA.mil also operates as a help-desk; which may be used to ask any questions in regards to commercial acquisitions. The DCMA CIG Director may choose to accept cases under the DCMA CIG thresholds, under special circumstances.

Sharing Information

We want PCOs to be able to submit CIDs they have made on parts & services, in an organized and systemic manner. We also welcome other agencies, or other DCMA offices to upload recommendations for commerciality they have made. These should be in a written format, with supporting rationale, in a PDF. As a result, please send CIDs and CIRs to Commercial@DCMA.mil and include as much information as possible such as:

  • Part number
  • NSN
  • Prime and subcontractor
  • CAGE codes
  • Description of the part
  • Research as to why you made the determination
  • Pricing information
  • Pictures