DCMA: Contract Lifecycle Management Center (CLMC)


Closeout contracts using good business judgment, comprehensive knowledge, and streamlined processes, while finding innovative techniques to share across the Agency; negotiate and execute contractual documents for settlement of partial and complete contract terminations for convenience.


Become DoD’s Center of Excellence for Contract Closeout and Terminations.


Integrity – Committed to the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior at all times.

Service – Working for the benefit of our Nation and putting professional responsibilities before self-interests.

Excellence – Committed to exceptional performance in everything we do.

Did You Know ...

The Contract Lifecycle Management Center (CLMC) is the PREMIER CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in Contract Closeout and Termination Settlement. Our Teams comprise of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with extensive knowledge in contract administration services of complex Flexibly Priced Contracts (FPCs) by…

  • Warranted Administrative Contracting Officers (ACOs)

  • Warranted Administrative Grant Officers (AGOs)

  • Warranted Termination Contracting Officers (TCOs)