Are you a DoD customer that needs access to an application or DCMA resource?

For all DoD 365-J Tenant users (most 4th estate organizations), please contact your DCMA representative to provide access to those resources.

For all users that have a DoD email address that is not (e.g. or, you must request guest access.

To be granted guest access for DoD 365 users follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to Access Package: 
  2. Select D0D365-J DoD Guest under Access Package.
  3. Click Request.
  4. Your request is being processed. Your access should be auto-approved.
  5. To verify guest access, try the SPO link:
  6. Click Accept when prompted for permission request

If you have successfully accessed the SPO link you are not set up as a guest on the DoD 365-J tenant.   Contact your DCMA representative to be granted to any DCMA resources that you are trying to access.