DCMA Connect Point for Industry/Contractor Concerns

DCMA’s primary responsibility is to administer the contractual requirements of the contracts awarded by our military customers. DCMA works directly with customers and industry/contractors to assure quality products and services are delivered within cost and on schedule. This assurance means we work closely with contractors in the performance of their DoD contracts. Depending on the contractual requirements, this could mean constant collaborations and interfaces between the DCMA functionals (contracting, quality, engineering, property, safety, transportation, earned value, etc.) and industry/contractor representatives. The DCMA working relationship with industry/contractors is paramount for the successful performance of the contract. While we would like for the DCMA/industry/contractor collaborations and interfaces to always be perfect, we fully acknowledge the realities and challenges associated with the performance of contractual requirements.

DCMA cannot guarantee our working relationships with industry/contractors will always be perfect. However, we do want to know when there are concerns with our ability to properly administer contractual requirements. DCMA’s desire is to resolve concerns at the functional level, which includes involving the Contract Management Office (CMO) chain of command.

On those occasions when a concern cannot be resolved at the CMO level, it can be elevated to the DCMA HQ level by using the link below. Upon receipt of the concern, the DCMA HQ point of contact will:

    • Acknowledge receipt of the concern,
    • Route the concern to the appropriate office for a status update and/or an official reply, and
    • Respond to or ensure a response is given to the requester

Because there are various industry/contractor points of contact working the same contract, industry/contractors should first collaborate to limit the number of concerns made on the same subject. It is important to include the following required information when submitting a concern:

    Contract number

    Contact information

    • Name
    • Company name
    • Telephone
    • Email address

    DCMA CMO information

    • CMO name
    • Name of CMO functional contact

    Detailed description of concern

    State whether the concern was elevated through the CMO chain of command

Failure to provide this information will delay our processing. DCMA HQ will address and respond to each Connect Point concern submitted via the link below. This link may also be used to withdraw a previously submitted concern.

Send your industry concerns to the DCMA PM&BI Directorate.