About the Agency

The Defense Contract Management Agency is, first and foremost, a product delivery organization. Our nation’s warfighters expect our defense industry to produce and deliver the equipment they need to fight, survive and win. DCMA’s integrated team of acquisition and support professionals makes this happen.

The agency provides contract administration services for the Defense Department, other federal organizations and international partners, and is an essential part of the acquisition process from pre-award to sustainment. Around 11,000 employees, mostly civilians, work at offices and contractor facilities around the world, divided among three continental U.S. commands, one international command and other specialized offices.

Together, the agency manages 225,000 contracts, valued at more than $3.5 trillion, at 15,000 contractor locations worldwide. DCMA makes sure DoD, other federal agencies, and partner nation customers get the equipment they need, delivered on time, at projected cost, and meeting all performance requirements.

Every business day, DCMA receives nearly 1,000 new contracts and authorizes more than $900 million in payments to contractors. Most importantly, every day our team delivers more than a million and a half items – from fighter jets to fasteners – to our warfighters.

Read a comprehensive history of defense contract management here.

DCMA Director

Army Lt. Gen. David Bassett, DCMA director

Army Lt. Gen. David G. Bassett is the Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency.  As the Director, he leads a Department of Defense agency that consists of around 11,000 civilians and military personnel who manage about 225,000 contracts, performed at more than 15,000 locations worldwide, with a total value in excess of $3.5 trillion.

Bassett assumed leadership of DCMA on June 4, 2020. Read more here.

DCMA Deputy Director

Sonya Ebright, Acting DCMA Deputy Director

Sonya Ebright, SES, is the Deputy Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency. She is the principal adviser to the DCMA Director on all agency mission and management issues. This includes leadership of around 11,000 civilian and military personnel covering more than 15,000 contractor locations worldwide. Read more here.

DCMA Chief of Staff

Cory Rosenberger is Chief of Staff for the Defense Contract Management Agency. Before joining the headquarter leadership team in July 2019, he was the Engineering and Manufacturing Director at DCMA Boeing St. Louis. Rosenberger served 24 years in the Navy as a naval aviator, maintenance officer and acquisition professional. Read more here.

DCMA Senior Enlisted Advisor

Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Adam E. Rising, DCMA Senior Enlisted Advisor

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Adam E. Rising is the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Defense Contract Management Agency. In this capacity, he advises the Director on health, welfare, professional development and utilization of the agency's joint enlisted force. Read more here.

Our Seal


The eagle represents courage, honor, and dedicated service to the ‎United States, represented by the shield of thirteen pieces. The thirteen pieces of the shield represent the original thirteen colonies that became the first thirteen states. The thirteen pieces are joined together by the blue chief, representing Congress. The eagle is clutching thirteen arrows and an olive branch with thirteen leaves and thirteen olives, similar to the Great Seal of the United States. The eagle is superimposed atop a map of the world, representing DCMA’s global mission. The rays emanating from the center to the thirteen stars represent glory. The color blue matches the canton of the American flag and signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The circle shape and blue color are also reminiscent of the official seal of the Department of Defense.

Our Mission & Vision

Agency Data

Categories as of Q2 FY23 end
Number of Civilians 10,303
Number of Military 567
Number of Serviced Contractor Locations 13,614
Number of Active Contracts 226,369
Total Contracts Amount $3.55 trillion
Average Authorized Contractor Payments Per Business Day $927 million (FY23 avg)