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News | Feb. 26, 2018

Phoenix pride shows at black history month event


Employees at Defense Contract Management Agency Phoenix got a unique professional development experience Feb. 7 as part of agency-wide National African American History Month events.

The Phoenix Special Emphasis Program Committee coordinated what the office’s commander, Army Col. Robert Miceli, called “the most incredible black American heritage event the contract management office and mission partners had seen in years.”

“Diversity is a strategic imperative,” Miceli said “It is vital to our mission readiness and we are stronger as an organization when everyone is valued, respected and encouraged to collaborate and provide ideas for innovation to achieve mission success. Our Special Emphasis Program Committee brings that to the forefront each and every day.”

Headlining the afternoon was keynote speaker Rev. Terri Silas Eddie, social justice minister for the African Methodist Episcopalian Church for the Phoenix/San Diego District. “Rev. Eddie delivered a very thoughtful presentation on how we make sense of the world, black history in Phoenix, and how this perspective ties with DCMA,” said Miceli.

She was followed by a presentation from David Toliver Sr., a founding member of the Archer-Ragsdale Arizona Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen. The Airmen were black World War II-era aviators famous for their flight and maintenance prowess during a time when the U.S. military was segregated.

Finally, Barry Wong, a representative from the Arizona governor’s office, presented to DCMA Phoenix a signed proclamation in honor of Black History Month.

“I want to thank Rev. Eddie for her insightful presentation, and of course the Redtails of the Tuskegee Airmen for both their exceptional service and for joining us at this event,” said Miceli. “Thank you also to Gov. Doug Ducey’s office for recognizing the month, and a special thanks — and congratulations — to Arian Hreshchyshyn and the rest of our Special Emphasis team for another outstanding event. The day really exemplified Phoenix pride.”

Editor’s note: This article uses both the terms National African American History Month and Black History Month, as February is recognized officially as such by presidential (federal) and state proclamations, respectively.