Customer Oriented Reports (COR)

  Customer Oriented Reports (COR) allow DCMA staff and DCMA customers to query Contract Payment and Contract Administration information to improve accuracy and support in-depth analysis of data. This application provides our customers with the ability to access usable information in a format that minimizes user manipulation and increases flexibility.

The Customer Oriented Reports application builds new views from the existing cubes and offers the user seven pre-defined reports, and an ad hoc capability.

How To Use - DCMA Access Only


The data found in the reports and cubes comes from the Customer Oriented Reports (COR) Application and the SDW (also known as IDB). Data in SDW is populated from MOCAS. MOCAS, a mainframe application, is the prime source for contract related information. A nightly job extracts data from MOCAS and loads it into local SDW tables that all applications can utilize. The COR reports list includes a series of status reports which provide the user the ability to see the status of all audits based on length of time overage.

These reports include:

  • Contract Closeout Report
  • Contractor On Time Delivery History by (NSN) National Stock Number Report
  • Contractor On Time Delivery History by CAGE Report
  • Delivery Schedule by (NSN) National Stock Number Report
  • Disbursement History by Accounting Station Report
  • Disbursement History by Contract Report
  • FPRA by Contractor Name, Location and CAGE Report
Customer Oriented Reports Offers the Following Cube Views:
  • COR Electronic Acceptance by Number of WAWF Shipments
  • COR Electronic Acceptance by Percent of WAWF Shipments
  • COR Electronic Acceptance of Shipments by Fiscal Year
  • COR Electronic Processing of Invoices by Type

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