Commercial Item Group (CIG)

The Commercial Item Group (CIG) serves as the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) centralized commercial acquisition subject matter experts (SMEs) for commercial acquisitions, and directly interfaces with Industry to identify/overcome barriers and enable the DoD to streamline the commercial acquisition cycle.   

Mission: Modernize commercial acquisition practices supporting affordability and readiness for the Warfighter.
Vision: The Government’s cadre of experts providing commercial acquisition solutions.

CIG Case Acceptance Criteria

Customer Request for Support thresholds:

  • Commercial Item Determination (CID) request:
    • Prime Evaluation = $250K
    • Subcontractor Evaluation = $2M
  • Fair and Reasonable Price Analysis request:
    • $2M/TCoPD (Truthful Cost or Pricing Data Act) (Prime and Sub evaluations)
  • Any request under our thresholds will be evaluated on a case by case basis
  • Government request acceptance only


Commercial Item Group (CIG) – Capabilities
Market Analysis
We provide market research to assist you in developing effective acquisition strategies for procurement of commercial items and services. We are familiar with customary commercial practices that can be incorporated into your acquisition strategy to enhance competition and leverage cutting edge commercial technologies.
Commercial Determinations (CDs)
Market research can be the key to a well-founded commercial determination. The FAR includes 9 distinct commercial definitions that often require in-depth analysis. In difficult or complex grey areas our experts can help you make an informed commercial determination.
Price Analysis
Establishing price reasonableness for sole source Commercial Items can be challenging and requires an understanding of commercial pricing techniques as well as market conditions. Our experts can also assist you in negotiations.
Training and Assistance
Besides our continuing outreach to the acquisition community, our experts can provide you with an overview of techniques and other tools used to evaluate commercial products and commercial pricing.

Requesting Support

Step 1

Click on the "REQUEST SUPPORT" button

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Step 2

Once the form is submitted the requestor will receive an email from the Commercial Item Group -

Step 3

Respond to that email.

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CIG Determination Repository
(DoD & Public Access)

A public repository providing the results of CIG commerciality reviews. Updated monthly.



Commercial Item Database
(DoD Access Only)

Statutorily required database, located in PIEE, providing DoD Users access to DoD Commercial Determinations


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Sharing Information

PCOs Must Upload CDs to Commercial Item Database
In accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2380(b)(2), within 30 days of contract award, the contracting officer making the determination shall upload the signed commercial determination (CD) or the decision that the product/service does not meet the commercial product or commercial service definition at FAR 2.101 to the DoD Commercial Item Database at The only documentation that is required to be uploaded to the database is the commercial determination or the decision that the product/service is not commercial. Contracting officers shall avoid uploading any data marked as proprietary or controlled unclassified information to the Commercial Item Database. If you have questions, you can reach out to our inbox


Title Name Phone
Director Dan Hawley (303) 220-4015
Deputy Director    
CIG Team A James Ryals (303) 220-4142
CIG Team C Patrick Crisler (727) 258-9514
CIG Team D Heidi Holloway (720) 235-2578
CIG Team E Ste'phen Adams (314) 709-6837

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