DCMA Data-Driven Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Compliance Process

The DCMA EVMS mission is to assess supplier controls and procedures for compliance with the 32 EIA 748 EVMS Guidelines, influence the practice of program management by reinforcing the way the Department thinks about (and uses) EVMS data, and strengthen the purchasing power of the Department. Through a risk-based, data-centric compliance approach, DCMA wants to influence and leverage contractor internal oversight methods and practices to maximize effectiveness while simultaneously reducing costs. Ultimately, this approach endeavors to capitalize on a standard risk assessment approach utilizing data submitted within the central repository. At present the risk assessment process will utilize source data output from the contractor’s EVMS tool.

The Data-Driven Compliance Pilot was completed in 2017; it developed the set of risk assessment metrics and tested them at five contractor locations. DCMA used the pilot process to establish, test, and validate the metrics and thresholds to create a common basis for compliance oversight. The pilot established a baseline set of 131 metrics to support EVMS compliance by assessing risk within the data outputs; these metrics are listed below (Current EVMS Metrics). Every test metric aligns to a specific attribute or intent of the EIA 748 Guidelines. Some of these measures are automated test metrics that can be run monthly, while others are manual test metrics set at variable frequencies. Each of the test metrics has a metric template, which provides the methodology and parameters for conducting the test (Metric Templates v3.0). In addition, the DCMA procedures for utilizing these metrics is shown below (EVMS Compliance Procedures). Ultimately the frequency of risk assessment and follow-up will be adjusted based upon an assessment of the efficacy of a contractor’s internal control/audit program; results/findings from contractor’s internal oversight activities; results from prior EVMS Center assessments; and other concerns identified by Government PMOs, DCMA CMO Program Support Teams, and other stakeholders.

It is recognized that the compliance metrics will need to be amended, deleted and/or adjusted based upon observational inputs from execution across industry. They will be modified through a configuration control board; the change requests will be maintained in an EVMS Metric Change Log. If you have any recommended metric changes, questions or input regarding the compliance metrics and process you can submit your inputs to the EVMS Center inbox.

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