News | April 18, 2018

Global All Hands information (updated)

By DCMA Public Affairs

EDITOR'S NOTE: A video recording of the April 19 Global All Hands, briefing slides, questions and answers have been posted on DCMA 360. They may be found on the left navigation of the Director's Desk page here (login required):


Original article:


Navy Vice Adm. David Lewis, Defense Contract Management Agency director, will host a Global All Hands for DCMA staff at 1 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, April 19. This will be the third time the agency has gathered in-full through a variety of connection points.

The primary focus of the event will be the DEOCS (Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Organizational Climate Survey). The director wrote about the recent DEOCS in a blog post this week (login required), which includes links to the results.

Full details on the Global All Hands, including information on connecting to the event, can be found at

The technical aspect of connecting 12,000 people at the same time is the most challenging part of the Global All Hands. Unfortunately, many users may not be able to connect, may lose connection, or will have an unusable connection. The event will proceed regardless of these issues, and a video recording will be posted after it concludes. Closed captioning will be added to the recording within a week.

To maximize usable connections across the agency, employees are asked to adhere to these guidelines:

MediaSite: One MediaSite connection should be shared by each office in a conference room, much the same way as a video teleconference, or VTC, connection would be used. MediaSite allows anyone with a CAC-enabled connection to watch the event, but thousands of individual connections weigh on the system and decrease the quality for everyone.

VTC: The agency has a limited number of VTC connections. Each location is asked to only use one connection if possible.

Teleconference: Those who can’t be present in a room showing a MediaSite or VTC feed, are without an internet connection, or who wish to listen to the event may do so through the teleconference line. The dial-in number and passcode are available on 360.

As with past Global All Hands, the director will field questions submitted in advance, as well as some submitted during the event. In many cases, these questions will be combined with other similar questions, or abbreviated or generalized in the interest of time. Some questions will not be addressed at the event, but all questions will be submitted to the director exactly as written.

Many of the questions are complex, and require additional input from component subject matter experts. The director has asked that these be posted on 360, edited to remove personal information and, in some cases, for length. The questions will be accessible from the left navigation of the Director's Desk blog page, and will be updated as information and answers are received from the component subject matter experts.

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