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News | Oct. 11, 2023

My DCMA: Ryan Baylon, aerospace engineer

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Central Region Public Affairs

My DCMA showcases the Defense Contract Management Agency’s experienced and diverse workforce and highlights what being part of the national defense team means to them. Today, Ryan Baylon shares his story.

My name is Ryan Baylon, and I am an aerospace engineer at DCMA Lexington in Kentucky. My job duties include performing engineering surveillance, non-conforming material review, and participating in customer engagement activities on an $8 billion Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity, or IDIQ, contract. My primary focus areas are the rotary wing assets such as the MH-6M Little Bird, MH-60 Black Hawks and MH-47G Chinooks. In addition, I support the buying offices with their engineering and technical needs and assist our customers with new equipment purchases that flow through the unfunded requirements process.

Some of the great things about working at my location include living in Kentucky, which has beautiful scenery and numerous horse farms. The scenic back roads surrounding Lexington can be intoxicating while on my road bike. In addition, my job is near a variety of coffee shops and restaurants. Lexington is also near other big cities such as Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

I have been a part of the DCMA team for four years. I like working here because I get the privilege of serving my country as a civilian. I was medically disqualified from completing my Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps in 2009 due to a perforated ear drum, so public service has always been a goal.

I joined the Department of Defense workforce after several private sector jobs. It took me a couple years working to understand civilians play a vital and critical role in DOD’s mission.

Work-life balance is a great aspect of working at DCMA. My wife is an obstetrician and gynecologist in Lexington and having the flexibility of working for DCMA helps with our day-to-day lives. I believe teleworking, a focus on training, and a plethora of future opportunities, are all reasons that make working at DCMA great.

DCMA is important to America’s warfighters because without this agency, our warfighters would not have the equipment they need. We are the best at ensuring delivery of what was agreed upon, and we are experts at providing excellent customer service. We ensure equipment works as intended while providing great value to the taxpayer. The agency’s customer-focused mindset has created a strong and binding relationship with our partners within DOD. 

DCMA has changed tremendously since the COVID pandemic — a pivotal change for our agency since I started working here in 2019. Through it all, we persisted and continued with the mission despite the challenges we faced. DCMA’s senior leaders have provided excellent leadership and guidance throughout all the changes we have encountered. As for the future of our agency, I am excited to see what will come because of the Vision 2026 agenda.

As far as goals for myself and my team, I would like for us to grow closer as a group in person. Teleworking has many benefits, but the comradery of our fellow co-workers must exist despite our personal differences. I think this is crucial to having a fulfilling work life. So far, I have planned several team gatherings and led the Walk to Wellness here this past May.

My future career goals include acquiring a position within DCMA that will allow me to attend the Naval War College or Air War College. I enjoy learning about strategy, politics and history. I believe employees with the knowledge and historical perspective can guide our agency and country on the right path.

My favorite hobbies include road cycling, mountain biking, running, automotive detailing and organizing my garage. The last one proves to be difficult because I have two young sons who are 6 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old. They are both experts in creating a state of disorder in my garage. Nonetheless, I enjoy spending time with them and my wife, especially when we go on vacation or in-town escapades.

Something unique about me is I grew up in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States in 2002. I became a U.S. citizen in 2009, and I am grateful for this country that has welcomed me. My service at DCMA is my way of saying thanks to this great nation. Overall, I am happy and proud to be part of the DCMA family!