News | Oct. 19, 2018

Personnel accountability instructions

By DCMA Public Affairs

All Defense Contract Management Agency personnel must make sure that they have the proper contact information in the Fourth Estate Personnel Accountability and Assessment Systems (FEPAAS) or parent military service accountability system. All employees must also verify they have accurate information in the DCMA Mass Notification System (DMNS). FEPASS/service systems and DMNS are two separate databases that don’t share information, so it’s important to verify contact information in both.

FEPAAS is the Defense Department’s way of accounting for the mostly-civilian Fourth Estate organizations like DCMA.

DCMA Civilian Employees
Employees and supervisors can account for themselves by accessing the Fourth Estate Personnel Accountability and Assessment Systems (FEPAAS) at Some FEPASS information is also editable through MilConnect at These sites may be accessed using a standard computer or smart phone. Instructions for accounting for oneself using the FEPAAS site can be found at (login required).

In addition to accounting for themselves through FEPAAS, employees should plan to contact their supervisory chain in person, or by telephone, SMS text or email. Managers can execute recall roster processes to contact employees. FEPAAS allows for a quick download of an organizational recall roster

Military Personnel
Military personnel account for themselves using their parent service Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (PAAS) and reporting instruction issued by their local DCMA command. Military personnel must also account for their family members in the respective PAAS systems.

Listed below are the links to the various military service PAAS systems:

Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS):

Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS):

Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (AFPAAS):

Marine Corps Personnel: Report accountability per Marine Corps guidance using Marine Online

The DCMA Mass Notification System is the primary way of notifying large groups of agency employees in a crisis.

Employees can update or add emergency contact information for receiving alert notification from DMNS using the DMNS Self-Service Module link.

Click the "My Profile" tab, then “Edit,” to enter emergency contact information. This allows users to choose types of notifications they will receive, such as emails, home and cell phone calls, and text messaging.

Calls or texts received from 804-734-1353 are coming from the DMNS Alert Notification system. Please respond when contacted from this number. It may be helpful to add the number as “DCMA Mass Notification” into your contacts.