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News | Nov. 28, 2018

New services to replace eConnect, prepare now

By DCMA Information Technology

As the Defense Contract Management Agency continues to move more information technology systems to the Defense Information Systems Agency, employees need to prepare for changes that will affect day-to-day tools.

The popular eConnect capability has been identified as one such tool that will be replaced by DISA managed systems — in this case, two different services for virtual meetings. It’s time to get to know GVS and DCS.

Joseph Rhodes, DCMA’s DISA off-ramping program manager, says employees should start to incorporate the new systems into their workflow now to make the transition easier.

“Both the Global Video Services and Defense Collaboration Services closely match the experience people have become accustomed to with eConnect,” said Rhodes. “GVS and DCS also have unique features that set them apart from eConnect, and from each other, that our employees will appreciate.”

Global Video Services, or GVS, is designed for small departmental-level meetings. “GVS will be available on all agency computers in early December,” said Rhodes, “but employees need to set up their accounts now, and familiarize themselves through the online training tools. Once GVS hits their computers, they can immediately start to use it in place of eConnect.”

Defense Collaboration Services, or DCS, is available now. “Using a CAC-enabled machine, users can login and start using DCS today,” said Rhodes. “It’s designed for larger groups of up to 200 participants, but one of the great things about it is anyone, including those external to DCMA, can be connected.” Once a virtual conference has been established by a CAC holder, non-CAC guest can be invited to join through a direct link sent by the meeting facilitator.

Rhodes said eConnect will remain available until March 2019, but employees and teams should begin using DCS right away, and GVS in a couple of weeks when it’s live. “These will be everyday tools going forward, so we hope everyone adopts them quickly and makes them a part of their connectivity toolkit.”


What is DCS?
DCS is a virtual meeting solutions, similar to eConnect. DCS is beneficial to host training events for up to 200 simultaneous participants.

What does DCS do?
Benefits/Key Features:
• External Collaboration – connect with anyone, even non-CAC holders
• Web Conference Recordings – records complete web conferences (saved for up to 180 days)
• Web Conferencing – share conferencing events with users in multiple locations
• Slide Show Presentations – present documents to meeting participants
• Integrated Voice – real-time audio through the user’s laptop or desktop
• Desktop Sharing – view the presenter’s desktop and applications
• Whiteboard – highlight items within a presentation or make notes on a blank whiteboard
• Text Chat – conduct real-time instant messaging in a public or private session during the conference
• Polling and Voting – ask questions of meeting participants and provides real-time results

When will DCMA get DCS?
Available NOW to ALL CAC holders. Simply login to the site using a CAC and connect with others.
Additional Information:  

Next steps for DCS?
Start using it today. Login to the site using your EMAIL CERTIFICATE, and verify profile information. Create conferences and connect virtually with your colleagues.

User Guides and Training are linked on the bottom right corner when you login to DCS.
Training videos:
Training Guide:  

What is GVS?
GVS is a virtual meeting solution, similar to eConnect. GVS is meant for small departmental-level meetings. Visit for more information.

What does GVS do?
Benefits/Key Features:
• Initiates reservation-less “ad hoc” virtual meetings
• Enables screen share the desktop or any application window for efficient real-time viewing
• Includes Multipoint Content Sharing: switch between shares from multiple participants
• Displays up to eight video-enabled participants simultaneously; ideal for team discussions
• Runs local layout controls to switch between active speaker, continuous presence, and content sharing layouts
• Delivers high-definition video and audio
• Allows users to invite guests to meetings via guest links and PIN codes
• Enables reports summarizing GVS usage

When will DCMA get GVS?
At the beginning of December, users will see the DISA GVS VidyoDesktop in the windows menu on computers. VidyoDesktop is the DISA software that supports GVS. You have the ability to utilize the computer audio and video. As the user, you have the ability to disable these features.

Next steps for GVS?
Using your email certificate, create an account at Once this is done, you'll recieve an email from DISA with more information. Follow those instructions to open the VidyoDesktop app on your computer, login, and begin conducting meetings with your colleagues.

User Guide and Training Videos for specific guidelines to create an account.

GVS and DCS are DISA-owned solution. DCMA Service Center representatives will assist as much as possible, but may redirect users to DISA Service Center.

DCMA Service Center via phone (1-888-576-3262), email (, or by visiting the Service Catalog Portal online ( 

For DISA GVS support, please contact the DISA GVS Service Center. Visit for more information.
Phone: Toll Free 1-844-DISA-HLP (347-2457), Option 2, Commercial 614-692-0032, DSN 312-850-0032. Email: or

For DCS support, please contact DISA DCS Service Center.
Phone: COMM: 1 (844) 347-2457, DSN (312) 850-0032, Option 1, 1. Email: Unclassified:, Classified:

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