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News | Aug. 31, 2022

My DCMA: Navy Lt. Willie Oredola, contract administrator

By Patrick Tremblay DCMA Public Affairs

My DCMA showcases the Defense Contract Management Agency’s experienced and diverse workforce and highlights what being a part of the national defense team means to them. Today, we meet Navy Lt. Willie Oredola.

My name is Lt. Willie Oredola, and this is My DCMA.

I am a contract administrator assigned to DCMA Twin Cities in Bloomington, Minnesota. In my role, I perform a wide array of functions including contract receipt and review; administering contract actions such as progress payments, foreign military sales and government furnished property; monitoring delivery performance; and ultimately, contract closeout. I also serve as my contract management office’s low-value-low-risk workload acceptance lead and government purchase card billing official.

There are several reasons why I enjoy working at DCMA. Not only do I get to work alongside an immensely talented group of individuals willing to impart knowledge concerning all realms of contracting, but I am also exposed to the multi-faceted departments of engineering and quality assurance within DCMA. Furthermore, with 53 offices spread across the continental United States, the agency presented me an opportunity to be closer to family and friends while serving on active duty.

I have been a part of DCMA for just over a year, and I would venture to say that the absolute best part of this duty is the customer service element. The opportunities to drill down, engage and problem solve with our contractors are rewarding. Those rare moments where there is a meeting of the minds on what needs to occur to clear barriers, such as getting a contractor payment issue resolved, or purging a (Wide Area Workflow) or (Mechanization of Contract Administration Services) issue.

Each experience enhances learning and deepens the knowledge base. These enlightening junctures ultimately benefit the customer; the warfighter is enabled to carry on their duty; and that win-win mantra we strive for is furthered.

DCMA remains important to America’s warfighters because of its focus on influencing affordable product delivery, which directly aids the morale and welfare of each branch of service. As a Navy supply officer previously assigned to sea duty, I can attest to the optimism and esprit de corps it brings to our sailors when an anticipated product or part crosses abeam a naval vessel, suitably timed, and working as it should in accordance with sought specifications.

For supply officers, tasked with the logistical needs of the fleet, there isn’t a more positive feeling than to make good in getting essential products into the hands of our hospital corpsmen, firemen, airmen, Seabees, SEALs, culinary specialists, engineers and Marines, all of which is possible because of the work the many teams at DCMA perform.

The support this agency provides to the warfighter has made DCMA the golden link for the decades it has existed, and today we continue to be connected to the joint warfighter’s success.

My future career goals include a subsequent return to sea duty to serve as a supply department head and, thereafter, furthering my education at the Naval Postgraduate School.

In my free time, I enjoy navigating the many offerings the Twin Cities area presents, including the Mall of America, just five miles from the DCMA Twin Cities office. To note, the Minneapolis area additionally boasts 17 major Fortune 500 corporations; a flourishing art scene; and the second most theatre-seats-per-capita behind New York; all the major sports teams; numerous summer and winter recreation opportunities, aided by over 10,000 lakes; and a nationally recognized public library system, which recently helped Minneapolis be voted the most literate American city, surpassing D.C.

My personal hobbies include learning new do it yourself home improvement skills, exercising, reading, and tending to my one- and two-year-old children.