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News | Sept. 21, 2023

New RMIC training available now

By Matthew Montgomery DCMA Public Affairs

The Risk Management and Internal Control office, known as RMIC, will be offering six training courses with multiple training sessions over the next two months. The first two installments are available now — RMIC-101 Overview and RMIC-106 Assessable Unit Administrator.

“The overview course is intended as a program overview for those new to the RMIC program,” said Nicole Eaton, RMIC coordinator. “The new assessable unit administrator course will outline the roles AUAs play within the RMIC program, as well as expand on the importance of carrying consistent RMIC messaging to the assessable unit.”

Eaton said registration is easy — the Defense Contract Management Agency RMIC Learning Center, hosted on DCMA 365, features an enrollment tool for course registration (login required). In accordance with the fiscal year 2024 training memo, all RMIC training courses and associated training sessions have been uploaded into the enrollment tool. 

“Additionally, we will be offering the combined RMIC-102 Process Owner Refresher, RMIC-103 Assessor Refresher training, and RMIC 201 Elevating Internal Control Plan Sept. 14,” said Eaton. “These courses will focus on building on the RMIC roles and responsibilities introduced in the overview course. The Elevating ICP workshops are comprehensive dives into the ICP development, with a focus on reviewing the elements needed to develop a quality ICP.”

Below is the schedule for upcoming courses available via the enrollment tool:

  • Sept 13: RMIC-101 Overview (virtual)
  • Sept 13: RMIC-106 Assessable Unit Administrator (exclusively AUA & Sub-AUA) -(virtual)
  • Sept 14: RMIC 102-103 Process Owner & Assessor Refresher – (virtual)
  • Sept 14: RMIC-201 Elevating ICP Workshop – (virtual)
  • Sept 27: RMIC-201 Elevating ICP Workshop; PO with process related to audit – (virtual)
  • Oct 4: RMIC-201 Elevating ICP Workshop- (in-person)
  • Oct 11: RMIC 102-103 Process Owner & Assessor Refresher- (virtual)
  • Oct 11: RMIC-106 Assessable Unit Administrator; exclusively AUA & Sub-AUA - (virtual make-up)
  • Oct 18: RMIC-201 Elevating ICP Workshop – (in-person)
  • RMIC-202 CAP Progress Workshop, Virtual, as needed when CAPs are identified
  • Additional AD HOC training opportunities will be available as needed

Read the RMIC Training memo or access it through the RMIC 365 homepage.