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News | June 24, 2014

DCMA NE shares WAWF knowledge base with contractors

By David McMurty DCMA Northern Europe

RAF WYTON, United Kingdom — The Defense Contract Management Agency’s Northern Europe contract management office recently hosted Wide Area Workflow workshops for its work force and defense contractors from within their operational footprint.

“We used simulated contracts and documents in a series of exercises to provide a hands-on training and learning environment,” said Navy Capt. Joe Russell, DCMA NE commander. “Our staff observed WAWF from a contractor’s perspective and acquired insight to processes and challenges, such as invoicing and reporting issues, that they can assist contractors in resolving.”

Wide Area Workflow is the Department of Defense’s secure Web-based invoicing tool for the electronic submission and processing of receiving reports and invoices in order to support the acquisition process. WAWF’s technology allows government contractors and DOD personnel to generate, capture and process receipt and payment-related documentation such as invoices, receiving reports and cost vouchers.

The hands-on training, developed by DCMA NE’s Hannah Dittmer, administrative contracting officer, and Emily Wanninger, contract administrator, was held in the CMO’s training room. Key training aspects included practicing input of all WAWF document types — from receiving reports to cost vouchers, and invoices with multiple lines of accounting to input of Unique Identification and Radio Frequency Identification technology packing requirements. 

Dittmer and Wanninger designed the training as a two part process, with the first workshop focusing on contractors and the second dedicated to the CMO’s work force. The workshops were equipped with individual computers and other peripheral tools and accessories needed for each participant.

“Contractors from across DCMA Northern Europe’s administrative footprint were invited to attend the workshop for an introduction to WAWF and opportunity to learn how it works and communicates with the DOD enterprise,” said Russell.

Contractors were able to practice creating, correcting, recalling, voiding and submitting simulated documents using a training login available on the WAWF site. CMO instructors were close by to guide them through the process as questions arose. 

“Our WAWF training provided both contractors and our employees an improved understanding of how to interact with the system and eliminate common input mistakes,” said Russell. “Submitting documents correctly provides vendors faster payments and time and cost savings that may have otherwise been spent indirectly from the DOD budget. By teaching all parties on how to effectively use and improve our processes, not only will contractors reduce their administrative costs but DCMA, DFAS and our customers will as well. This is a true win-win.”

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