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News | Sept. 23, 2016

DCMA disestablishes Ops directorate

By Patrick Tremblay DCMA Public Affairs

FORT LEE, Va., Sept. 23, 2016 — The Defense Contract Management Agency held a ceremony here Sept. 22 to formally disestablish its Operations Directorate.

The directorate was established in September 2010 as an essential part of guiding the agency's three United States regional commands and 48 geographically dispersed contract management offices. The Operations Directorate is being retired as part of a larger agency reorganization.

"Today is a transitional day," said Air Force Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, DCMA director, who presided over the ceremony. Masiello highlighted some of the directorate's successes, such as an 87 percent in overage contract audit follow up; 77 percent reduction in lost, theft and destroyed property cases; and 35 percent increase in on-time delivery.

"Those are just simple statistics," continued Masiello, "what you've done goes way beyond that. You've created standards and expectations for the agency that were lost. You've put those disciplines back in place, and for that we'll always be grateful."

Since its inception, Operations has been led by agency Chief Operations Officer Marie Greening and her deputy, Richard Fanney. As part of the ceremony, directorate leadership and senior staff were recognized with civilian awards.

In her remarks, Greening gave a nod to the organizational structure that preceded Operations, and recognized the challenges of the future.

"Change is part of what keeps DCMA relevant," said Greening. "It's part of what keeps us moving forward, and what allows the agency as part of the (Department of Defense) to return money to the warfighter, which at the end of the day is what it's all about."

Masiello applauded Greenings service, and said she's looking forward to continuing to have Greening on the agency's senior staff. "She's brilliant," said Masiello, "and I so enjoy her continued partnership in this new adventure for DCMA."

After a ceremonial retirement of an Operations Directorate plaque, Masiello turned her attention to the agency's new operational unit leaders — the commanders of the Eastern, Central, Western and International Regions as well as the Special Programs Directorate.

"Commanders, you have a big responsibility," said Masiello, noting that there was now a direct line of authority between the unit leaders and the agency director. "You are leaders for us. You're responsible for ensuring the consistency that the Operations Directorate created is maintained in your regions — and more importantly across regions — because that's how we represent this single agency with one voice."