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News | Oct. 17, 2016

New work-life team encourages exercise, healthy living

By Stephen Hickok DCMA Public Affairs

My role is to help employees find the resources they need to live a healthier and happier life,” said Taylor Anderson, one of two new wellness and work-life Defense Contract Management Agency coordinators.


This summer, Anderson and Tracey Brooks took over as representatives for keeping the workforce informed about health and wellness programs, leading exercise groups, providing nutrition counseling and many more free benefits available to employees.


With over 20 combined years of experience, Anderson and Brooks bring knowledge and skill to the agency. To find out more about the new team, read the interview below.


What brought you to DCMA?


Anderson: Throughout college I was an athlete, and after graduation I realized I wanted to make a career in the health and wellness world. I worked as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for five years before transitioning into the corporate wellness arena. I spent the last four years working for a large transportation company as a wellness coordinator and came to DCMA because of the comprehensive wellness program the agency has.


Brooks: I am a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. I first came into fitness after separating from the Marine Corps Reserve and have been teaching aerobics for over 14 years and recently started teaching water aerobics. This is actually my return to DCMA. I used to teach group exercise classes for DCMA when it was first located at Rivers Bend and then moved here to Fort Lee. It wasn't hard for me to return once asked.


What goals do you have for the agency?


Anderson: I would like to continue to see great participation across the agency in health and wellness programs. DCMA employees all over the world have turned out in great numbers for some of our events. For example our recent Walk to Wellness had over 2,900 participants this year! Tracey and I would like to see even more employees involved in the future. The more people that take advantage of these wellness opportunities, the better.

How can people get involved?


Anderson: What's great about DCMA's program is that most of it is virtual to accommodate our whole workforce. I think the best way to get started is by creating a DCMA Virtual Fitness account here. We run a lot of challenges through this website and offer a variety of resources. You can log your workouts, read about chronic diseases, or take a health risk assessment. In addition to that, be on the lookout for communications from your CMO's work-life fitness coordinator about upcoming events and competitions. We have some programs coming up over the next couple months that will help you be healthier and come with some cool wellness prizes if you succeed.


Brooks: Keep an eye out for emails. We send out important, useful and fun information like fitness classes, special guests and webinars. We will be offering incentives to get you moving especially as we get closer to the holiday months. For example, we have a free agency-wide tobacco cessation program.

How has the agency response been to opportunities offered so far?


Anderson: Employees seem excited to have a wellness team back on-board since the positions were vacant for a few months. I'm happy to be here.


Brooks: So far the response has been nothing but positive.


What's coming up?


Anderson: Red Ribbon Week is from 24-28 October to raise awareness of the harm caused by drugs in America, so be on the lookout for events and awareness kits at your local Contract Management Office. If you are a work-life fitness coordinator for your region and would like to coordinate some Red Ribbon Week events, but are not sure what to do, please reach out to me!


Find out more on wellness and work-life opportunities here or contact your local CMO representative.