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News | Nov. 8, 2016

IWMS 3.0 launch transforms contract administration

By DCMA Information Technology

The Integrated Workload Management System is just over a year old and is already transforming the way the Defense Contract Management Agency does business. With the deployment of IWMS 3.0, new features and capabilities take the agency to the next level of automation and efficiency in contract administration.

For starters, IWMS 3.0 has enhanced My Tasks and Work Assignment with multiple places of performance contract notifications. This customizable feature sends an email notification to supporting commercial and government entity codes when a new contract, order or modification is routed to contract management offices for supporting CAGE codes. Also, in conjunction with the Department of Defense implementation of the new procurement instrument identifier, or PIID, formats, IWMS 3.0 has enhanced the search and upload features to enable users to load or find contract records using one or both contract and delivery order numbers.

The IWMS program assessment reporting feature facilitates rapid report generation and approval, enhances team collaboration, and provides for enterprise-level data analysis across programs. With this feature, program integrators gain the ability to input PAR information into IWMS and automatically generate the report in its required format for their cognizant programs. Furthermore, program support team members will be able to contribute to the PAR directly within the application, and contract management office commanders gain the ability to approve or reject a PAR right from within IWMS. The combination of these features means an overall reduction in PAR development workload and shorter approval times, which ultimately results in improving the integrity of the agency’s program reporting.

Terminations center personnel who use IWMS will now have the ability to manage cases via an end-to-end process. Among the enhancements, version 3.0 adds the ability to move termination tasks to the closeout tab after the task is accepted. Tasks within IWMS are issued based on various triggers set within the system, or the cases can be accessed on demand from a list view. Additionally, IWMS users can enter case data, attach files, generate letters and forms, and distribute them to designated recipients—all within this new version of the system.

Another new capability, which rolled out this month as a pilot to DCMA Hartford, is IWMS Automated Contract Review (Phase I). IWMS CR will significantly reduce the amount of time required to perform contract review. This is made possible as IWMS identifies mechanization of contract administration services, or MOCAS, codes, keywords and clauses in the contract and automatically recommends requirements. The CR capability also automatically consolidates all the functional reviews and files the review in the electronic contract folder, or eDRMS — this means IWMS users no longer have to upload them manually. Furthermore, IWMS CR integrates and standardizes reviews across all core functional areas in DCMA, as well as establishes enterprise insight for agency administered contract requirements. The agency-wide rollout for the CR capability within IWMS is planned for early 2017.

“This is an exciting time for IWMS,” said Antoine McNeal, the IWMS program manager. “With IWMS version 3.0, we are delivering three new large capabilities and several additional features, all of which were rapidly developed as compared to the development time of our industry counterparts. We were able to develop an enterprise PAR with minimal resources in less than six months and logic-intense contract review in less than a year”.

“This also is our largest release yet, and we have so much more in the pipeline. We have reached a tipping point with IWMS 3.0. Get ready for even more capabilities to start rolling out throughout fiscal year 2017.”

For more information on IWMS release 3.0, visit the IWMS What’s Hot page in DCMA 360 at (login required).