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Delivery Schedule Manager (DSM) 2.7 capability has moved to the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE).

DSM PIEE users must register for roles and obtain supervisor and GAM approval.

If you have any questions regarding the DSM migration, please email the DCMA PIEE DSM Centralized Inbox.

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Delivery Schedule Manager (DSM)

DSM logoThe DSM application is an agency authorized capability used by Customers (DoD and Non-DoD) as well as DCMA personnel (HQ, Region, CMO, CMT Supervisor, and CMT). DSM is accessible by both authorized DCMA users and external DoD activities, but not contractors. PIEE DSM functionality will allow contractor communication in a limited manner.

DSM allows users to initiate and respond to communication to various DoD activities as cited in DFARS PGI 202.101. The application provides insight on contracts with delivery impacts and allows DCMA users to report delay details and forecasted recovery dates. Customers can also initiate Customer Requests requiring immediate action, similar to PIEE CCM application, thus providing information to DoD activities enables them to strategize to support the warfighter’s needs. Use of DSM empowers DCMA to perform the delegated functions in FAR 42.302(a)(31) and DFARS 242.1104(D).


NOTE: In August 2023, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) added a feature to DSM called Deliverable & Communication. This new DSM feature was created by ONR for them to communicate Government to Vendor/Contractor. Any content input here will be visible to vendors based on their cage code association. DSM users must NOT use this feature to initiate Customer Request or Delay Notification actions based on content entered being VISIBLE to vendors/contractors (distributors or manufacturers).

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