Shipping Instructions Request (SIR 2.0)

  To fulfill the terms of their contract, defense contractors must complete an “Application for U.S. Bill of lading and Shipping Instructions” prior to shipping. This automated request is sent to the cognizant DCMA Transportation and Traffic Management officers via the SIR application. Upon receiving the requests, the transportation specialists determine the appropriate shipping methods, prepares the necessary documentation, and provides that information to contractors.

How To Use - DCMA Access Only


Shipping Instruction Request (SIR 2.0) reports can be accessed by clicking on Discoverer Reports from the Smart Menu. Discoverer Viewer is easy to use and allows you to interact directly with data using familiar terminology and a web browser. Anyone familiar with using a browser wi 04/01/2009 20:29

If you have an eTools user ID and password, you may access reports from the Smart Menu .

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