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Provide acquisition insight for the integration of commercial products and services within DoD to streamline procurement and ensure warfighters receive cutting-edge technology at fair and reasonable prices.

NDAA 2019 changes to Commercial Item Definition signed by the President

NDAA 2018 Update [PDF, 5MB]

DFARS Case 2016-D006 [PDF, 295 KB]

Commercial Item Database

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Requesting Support

Request Support

NOTICE: The Commercial@DCMA.mil has migrated to:
Please contact any of the points of contact below if you have not received a response in 2 business days from your request. 

Points of Contact

Title Name Phone
AQKT Director Acting- Dan Hawley
(303) 220-4015
CIG Pricing South Lynne Fandetti (727) 258-9610
CIG Pricing West Dan Hawley (303) 220-4015
CIG Pricing Northeast Ryan Connell (857) 268-4519
CIG Technical East Patrick Crisler (727) 258-9514
CIG Technical West James Carroll (303) 220-4187

CIG Case Acceptance Thresholds

Our mission is in support of a buying activity. As such we only accept cases from, or initiating as a result of a request from a Contracting Officer or DoD buying activity. We will accept formal requests for prime contractor commerciality and price reasonableness reviews (FAR12) when contract value is greater than $1M. We will accept formal requests for subcontractor commerciality and price reasonableness reviews (FAR15) as long as the subcontract value is greater than $3M. For cases under our thresholds, we can assist you in asking the right questions and provide insights into the DCMA CIG thought process.

dcma.boston-ma.eastern-rc.mbx.Commercial@mail.mil also operates as a help-desk; which may be used to ask any questions in regards to commercial acquisitions. The DCMA CIG Director may choose to accept cases under the DCMA CIG thresholds, under special circumstances.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOAs)

DCMA Cost and Pricing Center, has teamed with DCMA's Commercial Item Group, DCMA's Corporate and Divisional Administrative Contracting Officers (CACO/DACOs), as well as our industry partners to create a common framework for commercial proposal processes. In some instances, DCMA's CACO/DACOs have issued MOAs with their cognizant defense contractor outlining the types of information, processes and details which should be followed during the proposal and evaluation of commercial items. These agreements are between DCMA and the company and will not limit or usurp a contracting officer's authority nor interfere in any way with a buying activities ability to gather data or determine a fair and reasonable price. Buying activities can request copies of the MOAs through our email inbox or view the MOAs on CBAR, under Corporate information. CBAR can be accessed here.

Sharing Information

We want PCOs to be able to submit CIDs they have made on parts & services, in an organized and systemic manner. We also welcome other agencies, or other DCMA offices to upload recommendations for commerciality they have made. These should be in a written format, with supporting rationale, in a PDF. As a result, please send CIDs and CIRs to dcma.boston-ma.eastern-rc.mbx.Commercial@mail.mil and include as much information as possible such as:

  • Part number
  • NSN
  • Prime and subcontractor
  • CAGE codes
  • Description of the part
  • Research as to why you made the determination
  • Pricing information
  • Pictures