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Provide acquisition insight for the integration of commercial products and services within DoD to streamline procurements and ensure warfighters receive cutting-edge technology at fair and reasonable prices.

What's New

The DCMA CIG is targeting the following limited product areas - Space Systems, Unmanned & Autonomous Systems, Energy and Materials, Ruggedized & High performing computer components, IMUs, Engines, and High Energy, Long Cycle Life Batteries. Here is a direct link to the notice: https://beta.sam.gov/opp/4ebdb08c37d7434895c40db8fd3d9aab/view If you have questions regarding this, please email us at: dcma.boston-ma.candp-rc.mbx.CIG-Industry-Request@mail.mil



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Commerciality and Why It Matters in DoD Acquisition
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Sharing Information

We want PCOs to be able to submit CIDs they have made on parts & services, in an organized and systemic manner. We also welcome other agencies, or other DCMA offices to upload recommendations for commerciality they have made. These should be in a written format, with supporting rationale, in a PDF. As a result, please send CIDs and CIRs to dcma.boston-ma.eastern-rc.mbx.Commercial@mail.mil and include as much information as possible such as:

  • Part number
  • NSN
  • Prime and subcontractor
  • CAGE codes
  • Description of the part
  • Research as to why you made the determination
  • Pricing information
  • Pictures

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CIG Case Acceptance Thresholds

We only accept cases from, or initiating as a result of a request from a Contracting Officer or DoD buying activity.

DFARS requires a Commercial Item Determination be made on FAR12 acquisitions exceeding $1M. The CIG threshold for Prime FAR12 commercial determinations is $1M. For price reasonableness and subcontractor Commercial requests the CIG threshold is $2M or TINA.

For cases under our thresholds, we can assist you in asking the right questions and provide insights into the DCMA CIG thought process. .

dcma.boston-ma.eastern-rc.mbx.Commercial@mail.mil also operates as a help-desk; which may be used to ask any questions in regards to commercial acquisitions.

Points of Contact

Title Name Phone
Director Dan Hawley (303) 220-4015
CIG Pricing West Kori Marietta (317) 212-2015
CIG Pricing Northeast Ryan Connell (781) 259-1934
CIG Technical East Patrick Crisler (727) 258-9514
CIG Technical West Mike Whelan (303) 220-4142