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News | Feb. 15, 2017

Business pricing team sets strong example

By DCMA Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2017 — Defense Contract Management Agency Los Angeles’ business and pricing team has more than 300 years of combined contracting experience. Stanley Endo, business and pricing supervisor, says they leverage this expertise to ensure the office is operating as one team, with one voice, even during challenges and complex missions.

Endo said that in a sense, his team is like “astronauts, icons and legends … their vision is to travel into the unknown as pioneers, inventors and innovators. They are comfortable with challenges and work wonderfully and harmoniously with the acquisition and contracts community.”

The experience of the team is vast — from accounting and contracts to economic forecasting and strategic management. Endo says they use these skills to develop and maintain the attitude, climate, culture and roadmap for the office. The result is not only an engaged workforce, but satisfied customers. “This office has received 422 outstanding customer satisfaction surveys since January 2012, and 137 in 2016 alone,” said Endo.

The Los Angeles business and pricing team uses the acronym CLIPPERTS to drive their process: communication, listening, inquisitiveness, planning, performance indicators, excellence, rationale, technical skills and systems approach.

Endo said this allows the team to incorporate true leadership, accountability and guidance to customers. “We’re credited with consistently providing customers with high quality reports and significant cost savings, $300 million, as a result of utilizing our pricing history recommendations for applicable acquisitions and services,” he said, adding that the return on investment is about 300 percent.

His office seeks to go beyond the highest standards, says Endo, by embracing the ‘one team, one voice’ vision. “We understand that multiple-perspective human needs are the catalyst to developing the right learning organization — agile and adaptive — to model the way for others.”