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NEWS | Aug. 17, 2017

Global event finds strength in collaboration

By Elizabeth Szoke DCMA Public Affairs

Another “day in the office” could differ from person to person, office to office and job to job. On July 26, however, thousands of Defense Contract Management Agency employees came together during the first ever global all hands. On this day, the staff was tuned in to hear one thing: director Navy Vice Adm. David Lewis address employees in real time.

“Communication is key to the functioning of the agency,” said Lewis. “Our mission is to deliver products. The way we do that is with our employees, with you. You are our primary method of achieving our mission.”

Lewis discussed several topics regarding effective communication, what delivery means to him and the DCMA mission statement. He also answered questions from the field.

The worldwide reach affirmed that headquarters has the means to provide real-time discussions to other locations.

“This was the first time we had ever successfully combined all of our capabilities to accommodate a gathering of this magnitude on our servers,” Collaboration Portfolio Manager Joe Rhodes stated.

Information Technology professionals from Boston; Carson, California; and Fort Lee, Virginia, coordinated between functional teams. Media streaming, video and telephone conferencing combined specialties during the event.

“We’ve received a lot of good feedback from those who were able to view the all hands,” Rhodes said. “Kudos to everyone’s hard work, not just on the day of, but for the several weeks of preparation as well.”

While IT performed tasks and conducted tests prior to the event, coordination and cooperation from employees throughout the organization was necessary for such a turnout, according to Chief of Public Affairs Mark Woodbury.

“In order to get everything to work, everyone had to do their part. Public affairs worked with IT and the director in communicating technical needs to the field,” Woodbury said.

While the event lasted just over an hour, the collaboration and hard work from everyone was noticed by those able to attend.

“The different efforts from across the organization came together in what appeared to be a seamless communication strategy,” Patrick Butler, management assistant at DCMA Europe noted after watching the live stream from Germany.

“I’m glad the director is maximizing the use of technology in reaching the global workforce so we simultaneously have visibility into worldwide concerns.”

For that one day, everyone’s “typical” day took a back seat to innovation. The global effort before and during the event provided a platform that the director plans to use regularly to communicate to the organization.


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