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News | Sept. 21, 2017

DCMA employee participates in acquisition cybersecurity wargame

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Public Affairs

Ken Lee got a chance to sharpen his cybersecurity skills during an Air Force wargame exercise this summer at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts. 

Lee, an information technology specialist at Defense Contract Management Agency Boston, was the only DCMA employee that participated in one of the Air Force acquisition wargames held June 26-30. 

“The goal and the outcome of the exercises was to develop a set of interactive acquisition wargaming capabilities and tools to nurture and improve the skills needed to manage highly complex acquisition programs and promote critical thinking, innovation and collaboration as cyber threats continue to be an emerging complication to our communication and automation,” said Lee, who participated in the event June 26-27.  

Lee’s team included Air Force and General Services Administration personnel. 

“We were given the emerging cyber threat scenario and given the direction to use innovative ideas to acquire a solution within two years,” Lee stated. “Along with the scenario, we provided feedback to the Air Force’s Office of Transformational Innovation, who coordinated the event, on how to make the wargame more realistic.”

According to Bob Watson, an engineering team leader at DCMA Boston, Patrick Marr, who is the chief of the Acquisition Center of Excellence at the Air Force base, asked DCMA Boston leadership to provide support for the exercise. Watson said this is the first time DCMA Boston has participated in the wargame exercise. 

“We selected Ken as a worthy participant based on the experience required and topics addressed during the exercise,” he said. “He brought insight based on his cybersecurity knowledge and program office support experience prior to joining DCMA.”  

Watson said participating in cybersecurity exercises with other federal agencies, especially with DCMA customers, is important.  

“Cybersecurity is an emerging threat as our adversaries challenge the technological advantages we have with complex communications systems,” he said. “Cybersecurity has become a significant topic area that we are working to provide enhanced support in our DCMA surveillance of major program and systems.” 

Lee said he enjoyed participating in the exercise and can use the experience in his current role. 

“The exercise allowed me to better understand the needs of my customers for sure,” said Lee. “During the wargame, I took the opportunity to talk with the OTI team and the Air Force acquisition team members. The information shared was useful. It was beneficial for DCMA to participate in the exercise, and I hope we can participate in future ones.”