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News | Oct. 3, 2017

Agency achieves ‘green’ rating in cyber inspection

By Elizabeth Szoke DCMA Public Affairs

The Defense Contract Management Agency recently passed the Department of Defense’s annual Command Cyber Readiness Inspection requirements for 2017 with a “green” rating from inspectors, who characterized the organization’s performance as “excellent” during the Sept. 29 debrief.

Inspectors spent two weeks working with information technology specialists here. They evaluated and identified the agency’s compliance with DoD regulations and guidelines on the database, web platforms, operating systems, network infrastructures, mobility and wireless connections. It was a thorough and complete assessment of the organization’s cybersecurity.

These results were no surprise to Gary Moorman, deputy chief information officer of DCMA’s IT directorate.

“Our cyber team conducted internal reviews the weeks prior to the CCRI,” Moorman said. “If they had found any concerns during that time, we would’ve been able to correct them prior to the inspection.”

DCMA director, Navy Vice Admiral David Lewis says that these results reflect the good habits of the employees.

“With over 12,000 users managing over 335,000 contracts, worldwide, our cybersecurity posture and practices are foundational to our ability to perform our mission,” said Lewis. “Our adversaries want to know everything we know, so the excellent cybersecurity practices displayed by DCMA employees before and during this audit should be recognized and continued as we move forward. Congratulations to everyone in the agency for making this inspection a success." Lewis added, "Please take this opportunity to thank your local IT representative for what they do for you, not just for the CCRI, but every day.”

Although the CCRI auditors have left Fort Lee, cybersecurity should remain at the forefront of everyone’s daily practices. Darren King, DCMA senior information security officer, emphasized everyone has a part in maintaining the director’s vision of the organization’s cyber strategic goal.

“A CCRI can happen at any DCMA location, scheduled or unscheduled,” King reminds everyone. “In addition, October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and we are encouraging everyone to continue doing his/her part to continue being cyber smart. After all, everyone plays an important role to the safety of our organization, our customers and ultimately, to our warfighters.”

For more information on maintaining cyber smart practices, visit DCMA’s IT 360 page (login required).