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News | Oct. 16, 2017

Rapid improvement in the hiring process

By Patrick Tremblay DCMA Public Affairs

FORT RILEY, Kan., Oct. 16, 2017 — Quality assurance specialists from across the Defense Contract Management Agency joined agency Human Capital professionals recently to work toward bringing in the next wave of highly-qualified agency employees.

The group traveled to Fort Riley to meet with specialists from the Army Servicing Team for what they called a rapid improvement event. For two days the team transferred knowledge of quality assurance job requirements, recruitment and selection with the goal of creating higher quality job opportunity announcements and referral certificates for the General Schedule 1910 quality assurance series.

The event was a pilot for future expansion to other GS series central to DCMA, including 8xx engineering, 1102 contracting, 1150 industrial specialist, 2210 information technology specialists and others.

During the event, the quality assurance subject matter experts shared valuable insight regarding the 1910 series, such as what duties they perform, the criticality of what they do, where they perform the work, challenges of the job and the future of the series. They brought a wiring harness and computer components to show examples of some of the smaller things they perform surveillance on, and explained the differences between a 1910 at the headquarters, region, contract management office and on-site at a contractor facility. In exchange, the AST shared with the SMEs their role, including what the team looks for, the overall JOA creation process, and the value of having a strategic recruitment discussion — an important part in the JOA pre-work.

Both DCMA and AST personnel recognized the value of the rapid improvement event, and AST has asked to expand the project to cover additional job series. The quality assurance specialists left with a greater appreciation for the job opportunity announcement process.