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News | Nov. 28, 2017

Introducing New Beginnings and DPMAP

DCMA Public Affairs

In the coming months the Defense Contract Management Agency workforce will be hearing a lot about a new performance management system, the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program.

DPMAP (pronounced “d-p-map”) is a unified system that will become the single performance management program for all Department of Defense GS and WG civilians in the coming years.

DPMAP is part of a larger Department of Defense-wide initiative called New Beginnings, which grew out of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010. New Beginnings looked at performance management, hiring flexibility and civilian workforce incentives.

Many DoD organizations have already transitioned to DPMAP. DCMA will do so this spring, so all GS and WG employees will start the April 1, 2018, DPMAP rating cycle.

DPMAP has a standard rating cycle of April 1 through March 31, and a standard rating pattern – outstanding, fully successful and unacceptable. An automated tool will be used by both employees and supervisors to manage the process, with an emphasis on greater communication, and timely monetary and non-monetary employee recognition.

DCMA has already incorporated most of the New Beginnings initiatives in the area of hiring flexibility, with the final piece being performance management, which is where DPMAP comes in.

DPMAP will not change the GS or WG pay system or pay tables. It is simply a different, DoD-wide way of managing and rating performance.

Full details on DPMAP and New Beginnings can be found on the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service site at

DCMA Human Capital will be provide more information on the agency’s implementation in the coming months, including training that will be provided to all employees and supervisors. Specific questions can be sent to