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News | Jan. 26, 2018

New landing page, 360 changes coming

By DCMA Public Affairs

The Defense Contract Management Agency’s migration to the updated DCMA 360 collaboration site begins next week. Employees will notice two changes when they log in Feb. 1, followed by a steady roll-out of other upgrades in the coming months.

The first visible change will be a new landing page when employees go to Internet Explorer from an agency computer. Starting Feb. 1, they will be directed to the agency’s public website, From this site they can go to many regularly accessed pages, like DAI, from the Employees drop-down, or click “DCMA 360” on the upper right navigation bar to go directly to the 360 homepage.

There they’ll see the second change, a newly upgraded DCMA 360 homepage. This is the first of a scheduled roll-out of the upgraded 360, an IT directorate managed change from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016.

The full migration to the enhanced DCMA 360 2.0 will take several months. The following is the full text of a recent IT announcement on the transition and what employees can expect.


Our current Collaboration Platform DCMA 360, built on SharePoint 2010, is out of vendor support and we have to upgrade to SharePoint 2016. The upgrade will provide you with the existing capabilities you have today and a few enhanced capabilities.

The enhanced capabilities for the new DCMA 360 2.0 collaboration platform include:
new look and feel and ease of use with improved branding for a better user experience
- Office Online Server allowing you to create and view documents in your browser
- Excel Services
- Performance Point
- InfoPath Services and browser-enabled forms

Beginning Feb. 2018, the agency will begin the migration from the existing DCMA 360 SharePoint 2010 sites to the new DCMA 360 2.0 SharePoint 2016 sites. This will be accomplished with IT staff, Information Resource Managers (IRMs) and Site Managers performing the content migration efforts. Tasking Memo 18-010 has additional information on this effort.

Communications and information regarding the migration, to include when the migration will occur and when you can expect to start working in the new environment, will be provided for:
- CMO users, by your IRMs and Site Managers.
- HQ Directorate users, by your identified POC in your Directorate.
Site collection migration times will be decided on by IRMs/POCs depending on mission needs.

You can expect the same functionality you currently have with quick apps, work flows, etc. If you have any questions, make sure you ask your site manager. Site Managers send your questions to your CMO IRM > Regional IRM > IT Migration Team Lead.

The delta training to prepare you for the new DCMA 360 2.0 environment will be made available to you prior to the migration and upgrade to the new DCMA 360 2.0 sites. Additional communications will be coming out soon to provide you with more information on training.