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News | Oct. 22, 2018

Agency hosts Dynamics of Addictive Behavior webinar

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Public Affairs

Defense Contract Management Agency employees are encouraged to learn more about addictive behaviors and the steps to take to change them.

Human Capital’s WorkLife and Wellness Program has coordinated an agency-wide webinar, Dynamics of Addictive Behavior, for Oct. 25 at 12 p.m. Eastern. The event is part of Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 22-26.

“Addiction can negatively impact all areas of health — physical, mental and social — in both the person with addiction and their loved ones,” said Jami Zanetta, the agency’s WorkLife and Wellness coordinator.

“Learning and talking about addiction provides an opportunity to mitigate those negative impacts and helps us to become as healthy as possible. Employees who have experienced addiction, whether their own or that of a loved one, can benefit from participating in this webinar by gaining resources that may help them heal.”

Some people may associate addiction with substance abuse or drinking, but other behaviors can be addictive, including eating, shopping and working, just to name a few. Participants will learn more about a range of addictive behaviors, the differences between a habit and an addiction, and the steps to changing behavior.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time this webinar has been offered,” said Zanetta. “It is provided to us through the agency’s Employee Assistance Program, also known as EAP. The presenter will be Victoria Austin, who is a licensed professional counselor.”

The webinar will be live and will not be recorded. With supervisor approval, employees can join the webinar through a link found at the WorkLife 360 page, (login required).

Another webinar, Substance Abuse for Managers, will be available on Oct. 30 at 12 p.m. Eastern.
“It addresses aspects of substance abuse that managers need to understand in order to deal with workplace issues legally, sensitively and fairly,” said Zanetta. Participants must register for the substance abuse webinar at the WorkLife 360 page.

“Coping with addiction, whether it’s your own or a loved one, can be challenging, isolating, and may even seem impossible at times,” said Zanetta. “Know that support is available and recovery is possible. Employees affected by addiction are encouraged to seek help.”

According to Zanetta, “EAP is confidential and available to DCMA employees and their household family members 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” Employees can call 800-222-0364 or visit

Employees participating in either webinar with supervisor approval should use DAI process code IHC02, type code RG.

For more information about the various wellness programs available, contact Zanetta at or 804-734-2327.

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