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News | Feb. 24, 2020

Get to know G-Invoicing

By Patrick Tremblay DCMA Public Affairs

The Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service is requiring all federal agencies to use a new type of invoicing to conduct unclassified reimbursable buy/sell intragovernmental transactions, or IGTs, by June 2021. The Defense Contract Management Agency will join other federal organizations in adopting this new invoicing, called G-Invoicing, in the coming months.

“We began the G-Invoicing onboarding process early this year,” said Tessa Tobias, agency support agreement manager and DCMA G-Invoicing working group co-lead. “We established an implementation plan, and have tested the agency’s ability to conduct transactions through the system. Our next step is to train our workforce, which will take place in February and March.”

IGTs occur whenever goods or services are purchased by one federal program agency from another. Historically, these transactions were documented through the issuance of an interagency agreement and related records. G-Invoicing will provide a web-based way to facilitate these exchanges, and to complete all information needed for buy or sell IGT processing.

Valerie Neal, a senior budget analyst with the agency’s Financial & Business Operations Directorate who co-leads the working group with Tobias, said they’ve leaned heavily on the Bureau of the Fiscal Services, which is coordinating government-wide G-Invoicing adoption efforts. 

“The bureau has provided a lot of tools to get us started,” said Neal, “and we’ll be using primarily their online training for our people. In addition, we’ll provide the additional support needed to get the agency fluent in the system.”

Targeted stakeholders include the agency’s Information Technology Directorate, Office of General Counsel, Corporate Operations Directorate, Financial and Business Operations Directorate, and others. These stakeholders engaged in the execution and program support of the IGT buy/sell transaction life cycle and will use the system to create, review, approve and settle IGT transactions.

The general terms and conditions, FS7600A, will be generated within G-invoicing, beginning the buy/sell transaction. Users will continue to process the DD448 in the Defense Agencies Initiative system to obligate funds, but will transition to orders, FS7600B, also generated within the G-invoicing. 

Though agencies have until June 2021 to adopt the new invoicing system, DCMA is already well along in the process and expects to be fully operational by December 2020, pending the DAI Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, solution scheduled for this timeframe.  

G-invoicing provides full transparency into the life-cycle of buy/sell transactions by offering a more streamlined approach. DCMA employees can find more information the DCMA360 intranet site (login required), or contact Tessa Tobias at 804-734-1336 or; or Valerie Neal at 804-734-1406 or