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News | June 29, 2022

My DCMA: Melissa Battiste, contract price, cost analyst

My DCMA showcases the Defense Contract Management Agency’s experienced and diverse workforce and highlights what being a part of the national defense team means to them. Today, Melissa Battiste shares her story.

My name is Melissa Battiste, and this is “My DCMA.”

I am a contract price and cost analyst at DCMA Cost and Pricing Regional Command, and I am based in Denver, Colorado.

My job duties include supporting corporate and divisional administrative contracting officers to review, establish, and monitor forward pricing rates as well as billing and final overhead rates. I also review contractor’s business systems, disclosure statements, and assess cost impacts and cost accounting system’s noncompliance.

I have been part of the DCMA team for four years. I celebrated my 10th year of federal service in December. I spent my first six years of federal service working for the Air Force at the 90th Contracting Squadron supporting military units assigned to Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

My first three years with DCMA were spent with the DCMA Cost and Pricing Regional Command supporting the Boeing Seattle team. I currently support the same command under the multi-corporation team.

I like working at DCMA because of the chance to make a difference in supporting the Department of Defense. I am proud to have found my niche in the acquisition process in supporting our warfighters. I like how there are numerous opportunities for continual learning and growth, while the flexible work schedules make all the difference in my work-life balance.

Some of the great things about working at my location include the people and the challenging workload. Many people I work with in the Cost and Pricing Regional Command have made an impression on my life and outlook on my career. I work with motivated individuals who are humble and enjoy what they do. I have found inspiration and a sense of serenity in my current role and career path from working with my current and previous coworkers, supervisors, and administrative contracting officers. I find my workload to be challenging and stimulating. I enjoy solving the puzzle of tackling certain assessments or tasks.

DCMA is important to America’s warfighters because of the senior leaders’ vision in knowing employees are the strength of the agency. , DCMA leaders know successful warfighter support is enhanced greatly by the health and satisfaction of their employees. To me, this part of our vision is remarkable. DCMA is driven by a culture that delivers the most value to our employees in order to deliver most value to our customers.

As the agency celebrated its 22nd anniversary earlier this year, I am excited about the organization’s future. I see DCMA has evolved over the years in supporting DOD with more complex products. I am excited for DCMA to be involved in innovative concepts and the early stages of the latest defense weapons and equipment.

I started working for DCMA in 2018, and I recognize that DCMA has progressively adapted to changes resulting from the COVID pandemic. Throughout my time with DCMA, I have witnessed how the agency is focused on protecting our workforce and our families while continuing product deliveries in support of our nation’s warfighters. I also see that DCMA does not lose sight of our vision while adapting to changes. I am impressed with DCMA’s continued proactive outlook in analyzing our workplace future and recognizes there is an opportunity to re-shape our work environment culture post-pandemic.

One of my goals in 2022 is continue to embrace learning a contractor’s cost structure in providing qualities assessments that support my corporate administrative contracting officer and team. Another goal is to adapt the lessons I have learned from the Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program in monitoring and modeling my behavior in ways to express myself that will support my team, maintain resiliency, and hone in on my decision-making skills.

My future career goals include continuing to strive for excellence in my current position while looking for opportunities for growth. I also want to continue to build my strategic thinking, technical and communication skills, while building professional relationships.

My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy playing board and card games, camping, hiking for geocaches, and participating in any type of water activity.

Something unique about me is I am currently learning American Sign Language. I also recently learned to sail, and I am constantly improving my culinary breakfast burrito skills.