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News | July 8, 2022

LOE #1 enhances continuous process improvement

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Public Affairs Office

Editor’s Note: This article launches a series discussing the agency’s lines of effort within its updated strategic plan. The first line of effort, “Improving warfighter capabilities by influencing the timely delivery of quality and affordable product,” opens the series.

The Defense Contract Management Agency has introduced four goals, known as lines of effort, or LOE, as part of its updated strategic plan to provide acquisition insight to its customers.

This initiative echoes the agency’s new vision, “A team of trusted professionals delivering value to our warfighters throughout the acquisition lifecycle.”

  • LOE #1: Improve warfighter capabilities by influencing the timely delivery of quality and affordable products

Lead: Matthew Lupone, Technical Directorate executive director

  • LOE #2: Expand Department of Defense contract administration capabilities to allow for the flexibility and enhanced acquisition decision making

Lead: Craig Morgan, acting Contracts executive director

  • LOE #3: Drive enhanced value and affordability through modern, adaptive and responsive cost and pricing capabilities

Lead: Jorge Bennett, Cost and Pricing executive director

  • LOE #4: Innovate the agency’s approaches to how and where we work to better adapt to the workplace of the future

Lead: Cory Rosenberger, DCMA chief of staff

Srujana Samineni, acting director for the Technical Directorate’s Enterprise Performance Advocacy Division, serves on the LOE #1 team.

“LOE #1 will enable innovative ways to improve the DCMA tradecraft and pursue better partnerships with buying commands so that as a government team, we can be a formidable advocate for the warfighter,” she said. “This is the essence of the two objectives that support LOE #1.”

The first objective is to modernize the surveillance business practices to be agile and data driven. The team wants to create agile policy development and supporting processes that foster innovative contract administration based on the needs of the customer, real-world events and agency mission.

The second objective is to leverage the agency’s access to data to provide acquisition insight and make informed decisions. This objective will expand the organization’s scope of influence by leveraging industry data and DCMA analysis, and synchronizing it with organizational and Department of Defense level decision making.  

Lupone said one of LOE #1 goals increases information sharing and collaboration between the headquarters and the regions, as well as operational units. He said his team will work with Portfolio Management and Business Integration, also known as PMBI, to review and analyze data and show how the agency provides value to DOD and other federal agencies.

“A portion of this line of effort will evaluate the scalability and viability of our contract management office and region/operational unit best practices to be implemented at the agency level. There has never been a better time to be in this agency to influence change and process improvement,” said Lupone. “We want to emphasize that this is a continuous process improvement approach in which we will work even better as a team to assist our customers.”

All four lines of effort will be integrated within a master schedule to ensure goals are managed and implemented seamlessly across the various entities.

According to Lupone, the schedule provides the basis for rigor and discipline to execute the strategic plan with the necessary confidence the LOE teams will deliver as projected.   

Employees who would like more information about LOE #1 or have questions on how to join the team can email Samineni at