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News | July 7, 2023

DCMA Manassas earns Anti-Terrorism recognition

By Jason Kaneshiro DCMA Eastern Region Public Affairs

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency recognized Defense Contract Management Agency Manassas as the best Small Anti-Terror Program of the Year in the National Capital Region for the second time since 2018.

The award recognizes the achievements of anti-terror officers who support programs in Department of Defense occupied leased facilities.

The official citation credited DCMA Manassas for leading and executing an effective and efficient Antiterrorism and Physical Security Program in spite of limited in-office presence during COVID-19.

Despite these challenges during the transition to increased telework, DCMA Manassas found ways to ensure that all antiterrorism related requirements were met in the office and at home, said David Coombs, DCMA East Region physical security specialist and antiterrorism officer.

“The contract management office has an active and robust security program with a command team that is supportive of security, ensuring that security plans are signed swiftly and are in place for use,” Coombs said. “In addition, training is regularly conducted to ensure personnel understand their role in security, and they know who to contact if there is a need. They also ensure that all security equipment is current and operational supporting the mission.”

Coombs said that the success of the security programs are due to the hard work and dedication of the security representatives across DCMA who are assigned this additional duty.

“They are the ones I work with to ensure our offices have current Security and Force Protection Condition Plans, that exercises and drills are conducted, and that security training requirements are met as well as a multitude of other security requirements,” Coombs said.

During the time of the award, Heather Cuti was the assigned security representative for DCMA Manassas.

“Her commitment and enthusiasm was evident in DCMA Manassas winning this prestigious award,” Coombs said.

Cuti has since left the agency for a position with the Department of the Army, yet her efforts left a lasting impression, said Navy Capt. Chris Kovack, DCMA Manassas commander.

“I am incredibly proud of Heather Cuti and the entire DCMA Security team for their extraordinary initiative, resourcefulness, and dedication to the AT Program,” Kovack said. “To be selected and recognized out of the many, many agencies and organizations in the National Capital Region is awesome.”

Kovack said that the health, safety, and security of DCMA employees is the agency’s number one priority and that the award demonstrates their commitment to protecting employees, information, and other critical assets.

“The success of the DCMA Manassas AT Program is primarily attributable to incredibly solid teamwork,” Kovack said.

Cuti, who had the additional duty of AT specialist when she was assigned to DCMA Manassas, worked closely with the Eastern Region and DCMA headquarters security personnel, including Roland Grondin, Steve Kellar, Ron Desjarlais, and Coombs, to develop the AT program, Kovack said.

“This team of professionals also worked closely with Pentagon Force Protection Agency, and we have a great relationship with the police officers who make regular patrols of our leased facility,” Kovack said.