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News | April 15, 2016

DCMA Communications Commitment for supervisors

By Stephen Hickok DCMA Public Affairs

FORT LEE, Va. - This month, Defense Contract Management Agency supervisors will be participating in the first of a new semiannual initiative called the DCMA Communications Commitment designed to enhance a culture of communication within the workforce.

In line with Goal 3 of the DCMA Strategic Plan, the program will establish a framework for dialogue and encourage on-going, effective communication between supervisors and employees. The discussions are directed through a communications commitment form that will help employees and supervisors define employee expectations for success to include guidelines, resources and accountability in order to meet those goals.

Leading the program initiative, Navy Rear Adm. Deborah Haven, DCMA International commander, said the Communications Commitment is in response to the results of recent employee surveys and a case study focused to employee retention.

“Communication and discussions between employees and supervisors should be an on-going process,” she said, also adding that the initiative will supplement annual and mid-year appraisals during off-cycle appraisal quarters.

The first deployment will be focused on supervisors only with the goal of generating feedback on the program. “This is a work in progress,” said Haven. “Feedback is encouraged. We want to know how the discussions went, what do we need to change, what was good or bad?”

The program is one of several initiatives in development to support Strategic Plan Goal 3. “The Communications Commitment joins a host of tools such as mentoring programs, online training, leadership shadowing and culture teams,” said Haven. “Our goal is to develop an informed and educated workforce that is truly one team and one voice.” 

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