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News | Oct. 17, 2016

DCMA employees receive Silver Snoopy Award

By Matthew Montgomery DCMA Public Affairs

FORT LEE, Va., Oct. 17, 2016 — NASA recognized two Defense Contract Management Agency employees for contributions to flight safety and mission success during a ceremony held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, in August.

Lewis Godfrey, DCMA NASA Product Operations quality assurance specialist, and Tracy Jones, DCMA Phoenix, were presented the Silver Snoopy — a NASA Space Flight Awareness award — for their individual contributions to program safety. According to NASA, the Silver Snoopy best symbolizes the spirit and intent of the NASA Space Flight Awareness program.

A member of the elite astronaut corps always presents the Silver Snoopy because it is the astronauts’ own award for outstanding performance. This year Karen Nyberg, astronaut and mechanical engineer, presented the awards and stated, “…as an astronaut and wife of another astronaut, I am grateful for the contributions made by the awardees to flight safety.”

Godfrey is assigned to NASA Extravehicular Activity Space Operations contract delegations in Houston, Texas. He was requested by name from the NASA JSC Safety & Mission Assurance Office to assist with inspecting an International Space Station Extra Vehicular Mobility Suit. After a high visibility close call involving water intrusion in a helmet during an extra vehicular activity, also known as a spacewalk, JSC determined his expertise would be valuable in determining the problem.

“When our astronauts leave the relative security of the International Space Station during an EVA they are at their most vulnerable,” said George Frey, DCMA NPO quality director. “The selection of Mr. Godfrey to assist with resolving a safety concern regarding the EMU is recognition of his technical expertise and knowledge of the manufacturing and testing methods and the associated specialized tools utilized by astronauts during an EVA. The Snoopy award is acknowledgment of his dedication to astronaut safety and their ability to successfully perform operations outside the station.”

Jones, the lead quality assurance specialist at DCMA Phoenix, proved valuable to flight safety in a different way. He was recognized for outstanding leadership and his role in ensuring consistency in identifying key characteristics and inspecting critical components for the ISS and Orion programs.

“Mr. Jones has a passion for excellence and space exploration,” said Army Col. Robert Miceli, DCMA Phoenix commander. “He brings many years of Air Force and industry value-added experience to the field. Tracy's contributions always focus on providing commitment to safety, excellence, teamwork, and integrity. We sincerely appreciate NASA honoring him, and for keeping space flight awareness as a cornerstone for mission success.”

According to NASA, less than one percent of the aerospace program workforce is honored with the Silver Snoopy Award. Only 19 DCMA employees have previously received the honor —making the accomplishments of Godfrey and Jones truly outstanding. The Silver Snoopy Award includes a lapel pin of Snoopy, the official astronaut mascot, which has been flown in space.

The NASA SFA program is a NASA-managed motivational and recognition program with invited participation from NASA and contractors having responsibilities for human space flight mission success.

Chuck Snavely, DCMA NPO director, assured DCMA was included as a participant in the program. “DCMA managers have an excellent opportunity to recognize their functional specialists who provide outstanding professional support on NASA delegations,” said Snavely. “As such, the SFA program serves as NASA’s way of acknowledging how DCMA associates provide support to human space flight and mission success.”

Nominations, NASA Form 1738, should be submitted to DCMA NPO for preliminary review and qualification assessment. DCMA NPO center integrators can also assist leadership to ensure nominations are fully supported by NASA program managers and ultimately receive full consideration and selection by the review panel. DCMA NPO will track nominations and coordinate submission with the NASA SFA representative assigned to DCMA. Nominations meeting the specified criteria will be submitted to NASA upon announcement of the annual SFA program submission data call.

Employees can review the individual and team award criteria and find the nomination form on the NASA SFA award website at