Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the reportable verses non-reportable category be changed by a monitor and the questioned dollar amount changed also?

A. Yes. The classification of reportable or non-reportable can be changed by the monitor and the dollar amount can be put in the updated cost area. Just make sure the original cost by DCAA is left alone- only put the dollars in the updated cost field; See the CAFU Manual.

Q. How do I login to this web application?

A. Type in your standard DCMA username and password at this site  Once into the eTools Applications page, then click on Contract Audit Follow-up. Application allows editing and viewing. Clicking on Reports allows viewing of the CAFU reports.

Q. Can the CMO Monitor perform the same functions as an ACO in the CAFU application?

A. Yes, and more. The CMO Monitor can make assignments to ACOs for their particular location (workgroup) if an audit is not brought into the system automatically or if the workload changes.

Q.  Can a user have both roles such as being an ACO and a Monitor?

A.  No, the system is not set up to recognize the same user as having two different roles and it is set to meet the single sign-on feature with one single password.

Q. What happens to an audit report record after the ACO enters the "Forward" date (sends Memo to DCAA)?

A. The audit record is then closed. This is different from before when the audit record closed after entering the disposition date.
The forward step is one additional step but it is within the DoD Instruction 7640.02 to complete this step. 

Q. Are Non-reportables put in the system?  Will Non-reportables show up under "My Work"?

A.  Yes. The Reportables will be first in the list of audit report numbers under "My Work" and the Non-reportables will be last in the listing and will have "Non" as a designator.

Q. Do we always have to put a number in the Cost Sustained area when we disposition an audit record? 

A. No, if the Cost Questioned is zero (0), such as in an Estimating System Review you will not need to put in a zero in the cost sustained area. 

Q.  Why isn't there a designated place in the Milestone feature, a drop-down menu for pushing out the target dates when needed?

A. The reason we did not do that is because it was decided that the use of the Milestone feature would be optional and many users will not use this feature. You may use the Generic drop down in the Milestone feature or put the new target date in the remarks area.  Remember, you already have the ability to put the target dates out to the limit that the DoD Instruction 7640.02 allows.

Q. There may be a DCAA Form 1 issued with an incurred cost audit that does not meet the 100k threshold to make it  reportable.   How can I get credit for this work, make it visible?

A. First of all, you should  track it in the system even if it is not reportable and put in the Remarks area, that a " DCAA Form 1 was issued".  Currently, we are working on adding another feature under the Milestones area, the title for the Milestone will be 'DCAA Form 1" which will help you track it, especially is useful when the original disposition date may not have been met.  Should it meet the criteria/ need to be made Reportable, the CMO monitor can make it a reportable.  The ACO would need to do this by requesting a correction and send the request to the CMO Monitor.

Note:  Non-reportables as well as Reportables are entered into the new CAFU system from the DCAA database monthly.  If you have a Non-reportable that was not in the previous MOCAS system at migration, you will need to get your CAFU Monitor to enter it.