Contract Audit Follow-up (CAFU) 3.5


For all audit reports issued by Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), CAFU 3.5 enables the following:

  • Allows users to enter all key information for tracking reportable and non-reportable audit records in a single web-based database with the Single Sign On (SSO) feature.
  • Collects information and creates many useful reports for management of CAFU and reporting to the DoD IG for each semi-annual reporting period.
  • Provides alert notifications to the users on those audit records needing attention for completing the required tasks of Resolution and Disposition as well as new assignments.

DoD agencies are responsible for compliance with DoD Instruction 7640.02 which requires that all audit reports be tracked. Further, DoD agencies are responsible for reporting to the DoD IG the status of those contracts (semi-annually) which are deemed reportable. The reportable audits are closely monitored to ensure that the status has the most current information and the audit reports are progressing through all the milestones stated in DoD Instruction 7640.02. DoD Instruction 7640.02 was modified and now requires users to capture detailed information on interest and penalties. CAFU supports the following agencies:  Air Force, Army, DCMA, Navy, TriCare.

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