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News | May 11, 2017

Agency clears path to career growth

By Human Capital Policy and Strategic Planning Division

FORT LEE, Va., May 11, 2017 — There’s a new website for employees to learn the necessary steps to take to reach higher career goals in their job series.

The agency recently created the Defense Contract Management Agency Strategic 3.1.2. Goal Career Paths 360 website.

“As part of the kick off, we are excited to release the agency’s 1102 contracting and 1103 property management career guides and agency videos, which reflect a plan that will help lead the way for success not only for employees, but also for the agency,” said Mimi Azcarraga, the director of the Human Capital Policy and Strategic Planning Division.

The website provides the DCMA career path overview, guides and videos to inform the workforce. The purpose of the guide is to help employees new or experienced to their career field understand the responsibilities of the position, options for career development and ways to achieve career goals.

“The primary objective of the career guides are to create a professional, agile, adaptive and high-performing acquisition workforce that consistently makes smart business decisions, acts in an ethical manner, and delivers timely and affordable capabilities to the warfighter,” said Azcarraga.

The career guides are the result of much research, discussion, analysis and collaboration with DCMA senior leaders, subject matter experts and internal focus groups. Within the career guides, employees will find core competencies that are applicable to all careers at DCMA, as well as technical competencies directly applicable to a specific career. More appendices and videos are under development, including the Technical Directorate and Financial and Business Operations.

“Employees will find definitions of core competencies that represent skills that are critical to the agency for mission success and cut across all occupations,” said Azcarraga. “They will also find career field competencies that focus on the specific skills and knowledge expected within their chosen field of expertise. All of these competencies, skills and expectations have been tailored to DCMA’s requirements.”

The career field guides represent the most current certification standards required of defense acquisition workforce personnel depending on the career field or path and level assigned to the workforce member's acquisition position, such as I, II, or III. It also represents the most current recommendations for continuing training and education depending on the employee’s type of assignment within their career field.

If employees have any questions regarding their career path or development, they should talk to their immediate supervisor or chain of command to ensure they understand the next steps to take for success at DCMA.