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News | Oct. 30, 2017

Agency encourages cyber smart practice throughout the year

By Elizabeth Szoke DCMA Public Affairs

Every October, Defense Contract Management Agency’s Information Technology directorate promotes the importance of good cyber habits to the workforce. While this year’s campaign is coming to an end, agency employees are expected to use strong security practices every day.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual campaign established by the Department of Homeland Security to promote standard cybersecurity habits. However, diverse agencies like DCMA have additional safety protocols to maintain.

DCMA handles over 335,000 active contracts valued at more than $5 trillion with a majority of the workload involving data with increased security needs.

The agency’s cybersecurity center has created training materials specific for this increased level of security.

“There were specific cybersecurity topics that DHS highlighted every week,” said Destinee Winslow, IT’s Cybersecurity Risk Management branch chief. “Our team took each week and developed training PDFs and videos to create a more focused training climate for our workforce.”

The training materials are located on the DCMA Information Technology’s cybersecurity center’s page (login required).

Week 1: Simple steps to online safety

Online safety should be a priority for all employees. There are simple actions users can take to protect themselves both at work and at home. Tips like only connecting to the internet via known secure networks, taking safe email precautions, protecting classified information, handling online banking and more can be found here (login required).  

Week 2: Cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s business

Users don’t have to be part of the cybersecurity team to react against online threats. If a system has been compromised, it is the employee’s responsibility report it immediately by contacting dcmanosc@dcma.mil or calling 678-626-4400. Find out how cybersecurity in the workforce is important to you here (login required).

Week 3: Today’s predictions for tomorrow’s internet

People deal with smart everything, everywhere. From smart phones to smart cars and even smart homes, being connected has become the new reality. While these devices make daily tasks convenient, they also contain a lot of personal information that could pose a risk to the end user if comprised. See what a secure internet in the future looks like here (login required).

Week 4: The internet wants you: consider a career in cybersecurity

DCMA cybersecurity professionals are needed to protect government and private industry networks. Agency employees and contractors contribute to this and more to the organization and the warfighters. Hear what DCMA cybersecurity specialists have to say about the contributions they make to safeguarding workplace information and how someone can get involved here (login required).

Week 5: Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure

The organization is encouraged to have a better understanding of the network’s infrastructure and how each user can help protect that infrastructure. Go behind the scenes here (login required). 

The tools and resources to maintaining a healthy cyber presence will be available for the employees to refer to throughout the year. It’s important to remember that online safety practices should be maintained to protect the valuable information this organization works with.



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