News | Feb. 28, 2018

FY18 Centralized Development Program selections announced

By Navy Vice Adm. David Lewis DCMA Director

Please join me in congratulating the Defense Contract Management Agency's fiscal year 2018 Centralized Development Program selectees.

Forty three DCMA team members will be attending multiple short- and long-term programs throughout the year designed to enhance and cultivate current and future agency leaders. The candidates should be very proud of their selection.

Air War College
Tiffany Herring — Technical Executive Directorate

Defense Civilian Emerging Leaders Program
Sean Anderson — DCMA Phoenix (Western Region)
Silkia Babilonia-Obregon — DCMA Atlanta (Eastern Region)
Souyma Chandran — DCMA Aircraft Integrated Maintenance Operations (Central Region)
Neil Galloway — DCMA Boston (Eastern Region)
Carlos Garcia — DCMA Dallas (Central Region)
Barbara Rooney — DCMA Lockheed Martin Fort Worth (Central Region)
Stokely Samuel — DCMA Baltimore (Eastern Region)

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy — Acquisition Exchange Program
Jonas Harper — DCMA Special Programs East
Edward Schnell — Technical Executive Directorate

Defense Senior Leader Development Program
Jeffrey Beaudoin — Information Technology Executive Directorate

Eisenhower School
Nathan Scoggin — Technical Executive Directorate

Executive Leadership Development Program
James Falcone — Portfolio Management & Business Integration Executive Directorate
Michelle Romero — DCMA Palmdale (Western Region)

Executive Leadership Program
Stephen Anderson — Technical Executive Directorate
Deborah Case — Central Region Command Headquarters
Laura Cashon — DCMA Huntsville (Central Region)
Melissa Conaway — Contracts Executive Directorate
Marivic Cruz — DCMA San Diego (Western Region)
Brian Disorbo — DCMA Special Programs
Patricia Gill — DCMA NASA Product Operations (Western Region)
Martin Hogan — DCMA Detroit (Central Region)
Christopher Irwin — Portfolio Management & Business Integration Executive Directorate
Ryan Marley — DCMA Bell Helicopter Fort Worth (Central Region)
Thuan Ngo — DCMA Orlando (Eastern Region)
Timothy Niu — Contracts Executive Directorate
Joseph Reyes — DCMA Sikorsky (Eastern Region)
Jesse Rowlands — Financial & Business Operations Executive Directorate
Richard Slaght Jr — DCMA Dayton (Central Region)
Amy Tank — DCMA Lockheed Martin Denver (Western Region)

Harvard Senior Executive Fellows Program
Mark Buckner — DCMA Lockheed Martin Marietta
Jose Cabrera — DCMA Orlando (Eastern Region)
Jason Edem — DCMA Dayton (Central Region)
Shannon Foreman — DCMA Dayton (Central Region)
Laura Goetz — Portfolio Management & Business Integration Executive Directorate
John Gregory — Eastern Regional Command
Sean Higgins — Technical Executive Directorate
Christina Payette — Technical Executive Directorate
Tia Revels — Contracts Executive Directorate
Willie Williams — Human Capital Executive Directorate

Naval War College — Intermediate Level
Jimmy Childers — DCMAI Europe (International)

Naval War College — Senior Level
Antoine McNeal — Information Technology Executive Directorate
Gvozdas, David — Technical Executive Directorate

Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses Program
Christina Biggs — DCMA Lockheed Martin Denver (Western Region)

Again, congratulations to this year’s selectees.