News | April 4, 2018

Welcome to DPMAP

By DCMA Human Capital

Defense Contract Management Agency GS and WG employees are now under a new performance management system, one that brings the agency’s workforce in line with much of the rest of the Defense Department. On April 1, DCMA transitioned to the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program. DPMAP (pronounced “d-p-map”) supports a performance-based culture with emphasis on employee engagement and the role of supervisors. An important component of this system is on-going continuous feedback and two-way communication between supervisors and employees.

DCMA Human Capital published Tasking Memo #18-061 (login required), dated March 27, outlining the actions required for an effective transition.

The first requirement is mandatory training that needs to be completed by April 23, including five hours of computer based training, featuring seven lessons that describe the processes and philosophies behind the new system. Thousands of employees have already begun the training, available in the agency’s Talent Management System, or TMS. The required training is identified as DPMAP102 (Lessons 1-7).

There are also training videos available on the DPMAP website that provide an overview of the automated tool “MyPerformance” and detailed steps for using the tool. Employees are encouraged to visit the DPMAP website and familiarize themselves with the DoD fact sheets and other materials provided to aid the workforce in changing to the new performance management system.

The next requirement is for each organization to hold face-to-face DPMAP introductory overview sessions. These will provide a foundation for the effective communication needed between first line supervisors and employees throughout the rating cycle.

Most employees will not need to have a close-out appraisal as long as they received an annual appraisal for 2017 (probably completed in January or February 2018). However, employees will need to complete new performance plans under DPMAP by April 30. The mandatory training and tools on the DPMAP website will help the workforce do this using SMART objectives. The value of involving employees in the planning process should not be underestimated, as it promotes understanding of how contributions affect the organization’s mission accomplishment and helps employees perform their best.

In an effort to support continuous feedback, DCMA is requiring four mandatory documented performance discussions a year. The first of these will be an initial performance discussion between supervisors and employees in April, followed by at least two documented progress reviews, probably in the July/August and November/December time frames. The final evaluation will be in April 2019. Of course, engaging employees and supervisors in continuous and timely performance feedback throughout the appraisal cycle is important and fosters strong working relationships.

After employees have had an opportunity to become familiar with the new system, HC will host eConnect question and answer sessions to provide a forum for those who would like to participate. Frequently asked questions will be compiled from these sessions and posted on the HC 360 website.

In addition, questions and feedback can be submitted any time to the DPMAP inbox at

More general information on the agency’s transition to DPMAP can be found here.