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News | April 5, 2019

My DCMA: Michael Leisten, Mission Support Office chief

By Tonya Johnson DCMA Public Affairs

My DCMA showcases the Defense Contract Management Agency’s experienced and diverse workforce and highlights what being a part of the national defense team means to them. Today we meet Michael Leisten.

My name is Michael Leisten, and this is “My DCMA.”

I am the chief of the Mission Support Office for the DCMA Eastern Region.

My job duties include managing 11 Mission Support Office professionals who enable the region and our 18 primary and 12 streamline contract management offices to meet mission requirements. I am responsible for managing all of the mission support requirements for the Eastern Region Commander, Navy Capt. Brett Stevens, and Mark L’Ecuyer, deputy commander. Our MSO responsibilities cover numerous areas, including training, travel, budget, personnel accountability, and more. I have been working for the Eastern Region as the MSO chief for three years. 

I have been a part of the DCMA team for 30 years, holding various positions with increasing responsibilities. I cut my teeth at DCMA as a property administrator. I also spent a couple of years as a contract administrator at DCMA Boston before accepting a property administrator position at DCMA Raytheon Tewksbury. I later accepted a leadership position at DCMA Raytheon Tewksbury as an MSO chief. Following that, I held a number of other positions during the product division days as a Director’s Action Group supervisor as well as working as a subject matter expert for the Portfolio Management and Business Integration Directorate. 

I like working at DCMA because of the opportunities available to employees for training, leadership and career advancement. Hard work is recognized and rewarded. I like to think my career is an example of what you can accomplish when you set goals, build relationships, and work hard. My position has exposed me to working with senior leaders in this organization. 

I have appreciated this interaction with leadership and the lessons I have learned from each encounter. But most of all, I enjoy working as the MSO chief because of the professional and hark-working staff that I lead. While much of the work within the MSO is not glamorous, it is absolutely essential for mission success. My staff works tirelessly to support the region and CMO customers, which allows them to be successful. 

DCMA is important to America’s warfighters because as our mission statement says, “We are the independent eyes and ears of DoD and its partners, enhancing warfighter lethality by ensuring timely delivery of quality products, and providing relevant acquisition insight supporting affordability and readiness.” I couldn't say it any better than that. 

I have been with DCMA for a long time and heard stories of our value and contributions to the warfighters. When I watch the news and see the equipment that DCMA had a role in delivering to the warfighter, I have a sense of pride knowing that teamwork and collaboration across all of the DCMA functions made it happen. 

My future career goals include continuing to be the best MSO chief I can possibly be and to one day become a CMO deputy. 

Some of the great things about working for DCMA Eastern Region includes its location in the Seaport District of downtown Boston. This is a beautiful city with a great cultural and patriotic history. But like other big cities, the traffic is unbearable. But for me, that is about to change. 

DCMA Eastern Region, DCMA Boston and our mission partners are preparing to move to Hanscom Air Force Base in April. We recently visited our new location and received a base orientation and tour. I am excited to move as it will cut my commute considerably, and it is a newly renovated building with great lighting and new furniture. 

Additionally, the move will place us “behind the wire” providing added security for our employees on a military base. With the exception of some folks having a longer commute, this is a positive experience for DCMA employees. Being part of a larger Department of Defense community with all the added benefits like a world-class fitness facility, swimming pool, and social activities, is exciting.

My favorite hobbies include boating, water skiing, relaxing on a lake, and watching the New England Patriots win Super Bowls.