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News | Oct. 17, 2019

DCMA, DAU launch new orientation course

By DCMA Total Force Directorate

Defense Contract Management Agency employees now have access to a new training course offered through the Defense Acquisition University.

The CMI 101 DCMA Multifunctional Orientation course is a joint effort between DAU’s College of Contract Management, or CCM, and DCMA subject matter experts. New DCMA employees are now required to complete CMI 101 as part of their orientation to DCMA, which comprises five modules. This 11-hour collaborative learning experience focuses on DCMA’s Business Capability Framework and how the agency achieves each capability through its multifunctional teams.

“I’m excited about this training because it enables our new employees to hit the ground running even faster than before,” said Kathy Butera, DCMA’s civilian deputy in the Total Force Directorate. “It provides them a clear understanding of the agency’s core capabilities and the role they’ll play as a multifunctional team member in executing those capabilities.”

To complete each module, employees are directed to DAU webpages containing videos, games and other learning resources. While navigating these modules, employees also engage in collaborative activities, which allows them to have discussions with their peers, DCMA subject matter experts and CCM faculty. 

One of the modules focuses on DCMA’s mission. Rosa Medina, a quality assurance specialist who helped provide content for the module, said employees network with other functional specialists and their leadership, and can then post what they learn about the importance of the agency’s mission.

“The assignment in this module exposes new employees to peers in other functional areas, enabling them to share insights on how teamwork is required to accomplish the DCMA’s mission,” explained Alex Miranda, an industrial specialist and fellow module contributor, who believes fulfilling the agency’s mission requires everyone working together toward a common goal.

According to Kurt Stonerock, CCM’s dean and a former DCMA employee, every module is interactive with embedded videos and other features that help bring the individual concepts to life.

“By having the information online, a new employee can experience the learning on demand, at their own pace, and they access the material any time in the future,” Stonerock added.

DCMA employees must register in the Talent Management System before taking the course on the DAU website. For the CMI 101 course description information, visit the DAU iCatalog.