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News | Jan. 4, 2021

Quick action saves life

By Jason Kaneshiro DCMA Eastern Region Public Affairs

The military instincts and quick action of a Defense Contract Management Agency employee prevented a tragedy during the holidays.

Jean Augustin, a quality assurance specialist and U.S. Army veteran, performed life-saving CPR on a delivery worker who was found unresponsive Dec. 2.

Quality assurance specialists, like Augustin, don’t track “life-saving ability” as part of their job description. But when it was required, Augustin delivered.

The ordeal began when staff at DCMA Sikorsky Aircraft in Bridgeport, Connecticut found a delivery worker unresponsive in their facility and sounded an alarm.

“As I got closer to the source of the alarm, I noticed personnel crying for help,” Augustin said.

Augustin said he could tell the people in the room were distressed about something by the expressions on their faces.

“As I approached the door, I noticed a gentlemen was on the floor. I immediately dropped down to check his pulse and start CPR,” Augustin said. “I continued doing CPR until EMS and the local fire department arrived in the room to take over.”

Nathan Knox, Augustin’s supervisor, said he learned of Augustin’s actions through another employee during a virtual staff meeting.

“I was amazed at the humility of Jean,” Knox said. “I don't think he wanted to even mention it because he felt like he was doing his civic duty and using the skills he learned in the U.S. Army. He reverted right back to his training and brought a man back.”

Knox said that he is certain the resuscitated man’s family is truly grateful for Augustin’s lifesaving action, especially during the holiday season.

“What an accomplishment from a humble man who truly cares about others,” Knox said.

Augustin said he attributes his quick action and responsiveness to his 20 years of Army service.  The risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t even cross his mind until he had time to reflect.

“It's best to always be prepared no matter the situation because we don't necessarily pick the situations,” Augustin said. “I also know, being military man, we never leave a fallen (person) behind.”

Augustin said he’s thankful he was able to help and that the EMS and fire department personnel responded quickly while he was performing CPR. He also said it was fortunate he knew the correct actions to take and encouraged others to learn, and become certified, with performing CPR and using a defibrillator device.

“We are all going through our own battles,” Augustin said. “Be kind and lend a helping hand when you can!”