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News | July 21, 2021

International partnerships ensure fighter-jet sustainment

By Navy Cpt. Nick Russo DCMA International

Defense Contract Management Agency International team members recently met with DCMA Lockheed Martin Fort Worth leadership to discuss global aircraft productions and sustainment.

“We spoke about how the two commands can continue to strengthen this partnership with our partner nations, Foreign Military Sales customers and Department of Defense stakeholders,” said Allan Wiedel, DCMA International, deputy commander. “One of the biggest contracts the international team provides support on is the Joint Strike Fighters located at two overseas facilities.”

DCMAI provides Contract Administration Services, or CAS, on Final Assembly and Check-Out facilities in Cameri, Italy, and Nagoya, Japan. These FACOs deliver new production Joint Strike Fighters to Japan, Italy and the Netherlands under delegation from Lockheed Martin Fort Worth.

The international team also provides CAS services on several other Lockheed Martin programs such as the F-16 Viper upgrade in Taiwan and Greece. Additionally, they work on several sole-source, key components for both the JSF and F-16 programs.

“Ensuring a strong, reliable supply chain will continue to be important while both the JSF and F-16 continue production well into the future,” said Wiedel. “However, keeping them flying is at the forefront of every operator’s mission.”

As more 5th generation fighters are delivered to America’s allies, sustainment on these jets will be DCMAI’s top priority.

“This objective will keep these front-line jets in a Mission Capable status and DCMAI will be instrumental in their success around the world,” said Wiedel. “We work closely with Lockheed Martin Fort Worth to facilitate the establishment and smooth operation of maintenance, repair, operations, and upgrade sites in Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, and the Netherlands.”

DCMAI has 31 locations around the world to provide contract support in more than 40 countries. This allows the agency to ensure timely delivery of quality products and services to the warfighter and the DoD’s partners and allies.

“These partnering sessions are not only critical towards establishing firm expectations and assessing performance goals of Lockheed Martin and its maintenance providers,” Wiedel said. “They help us understanding customer expectations and the details of our international agreements.”