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News | April 6, 2022

Insight Today, a Vision for Tomorrow

By Army Lt. Gen. David Bassett DCMA Director

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in DCMA’s 2022 INSIGHT magazine, which highlights the agency’s mission and its team of trusted professionals who use insight and expertise to support warfighters throughout the acquisition lifecycle. The online version of the magazine can be found in the About Us dropdown menu or here.

Welcome to the Defense Contract Management Agency’s INSIGHT magazine.

2022 is a year of action for DCMA. We kicked it off with an evolution of our Vision statement, recognizing the importance of our people in not only delivering on our mission every day but holding ourselves to an even higher professional standard. DCMA has to become even more a team of trusted professionals delivering value to our Warfighters throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

This agency has always been a strong team, and the difficult last couple of years have shown us just how strong our people are individually. From working remotely to embracing and leveraging a variety of new technologies, our workforce has excelled. We’re now in a moment and environment rich with opportunities, with the tools and momentum needed to be more agile, innovative, efficient and effective in the future.

Over the coming years we’ll redouble our efforts in support of the Department of Defense, the Services and our other customers to continue our unbroken line of exceptional support. For DCMA, that means enabling our people, and leveraging their incredible talent and experience.

We have learned important lessons during the COVID pandemic, one of which is that the future work environment will include both a remote and in person workplace. We are working toward enabling a hybrid workplace and an empowered workforce of the future. To be an agency that delivers the most value to our customers, we have to embrace a culture and working environment that delivers value to our employees and empowers our employees to think critically and maximize the value they deliver to our customers.

That means that we provide more than just contract oversight, and deliver more than just products. DCMA’s team offers our customers the actionable insight, data, and recommendations they need to make informed decisions at every stage of the acquisition and contracting process. From pre-award through contract closeout, our customers know DCMA is a trusted partner, with tailored information, that can help them get the most out of their programs to deliver the right products, on time, and for the right price.

Evolving DCMA to achieve these goals in the future means initiating those changes today. Many of these will be outlined in our new Strategic Plan, which we’ll launch this summer. The measurable goals of the plan and our overarching lines of effort will help modernize our capabilities in quality and delivery, contract administration and payment, and cost and pricing; and will allow us to organize our workforce to achieve true mission-first, people-always, success.

Perhaps most importantly, our Vision, Strategic Plan and emerging culture will keep us aligned with the new National Defense Strategy, and keep DCMA a critical, productive member of our national defense team. Together with our Services, DCMA and other supporting agencies provide the integrated deterrence necessary for our country’s security, the assurance to our allies that we remain a trusted partner, and the assurance to all that we remain unbeatable on the battlefield.

The following pages will give you a brief look at the people and work of DCMA. You’ll explore our contributions to the Navy’s supply chain at – and under – the sea. You’ll learn about the important work performed by our women and men on the ground in production facilities. You’ll see some of our support to programs in the sky, including Air Force One and the F-35. And you’ll learn what we do to enable U.S. exploration and deterrence in space.

Most of all, I hope you remember the names and the faces of our team. These are the people who are shepherding your tax dollars, holding industry accountable, delivering quality products to our Warfighters, authorizing payments that drive our economy, and maintaining the relationships needed to keep our nation strong.

It’s an incredible privilege to lead this organization and guide its transformation. Together we’ll meet the demands of our future operating environment and mission.